Mercy Aigbe's ex-hubby Lanre speaks on genesis of actress's new love story

Deborah Dan-Awoh

Estranged husband of Mercy Aigbe, Lanre Gentry says the actress and Kazim began their affair while she was married to him.

Lanre Gentry Mercy Aigbe and Kazim Adeoti

Following all the drama that ensued over Mercy Aigbe's marriage to Ibakatv CEO, Kazim Adeoti, Mercy's ex husband, Lanre reveals the genesis of Aigbe's new love story.

In a recent interview with Global Excellence magazine in London Lanre Gentry revealed that the actress is not completely straightforward to the public about her marriage to Adekaz .

The businessman, Lanre Gentry disclosed that Adekaz was introduced to him by the actress Mercy as an American returnee who had the interest to invest in movie marketing.

According to Gentry Mercy Aigbe and Funsho Adeoti, Adekaz's estranged first wife were friends and she had access to Adekaz because of their relationship.

Based on Mr Lanre Gentry claims, the Nollywood star actress, Mercy Aigbe, his former wife started a secret affair with her new husband, Mr Adeoti Kazeem, a film marketer, while she was still married to him.

Mercy Aigbe who goes by a new name now Hajia Minna Adeotiunveiled Adekaz a few days ago as her new husband, after which they got married in an Islamic way called Nikkah.

In 2017, Mercy and Lanre Gentry split up following several allegations of domestic violence and infidelity, they went their separate ways. 

Gentry narrated how he never suspected his former wife was having a romantic affair with Adekaz because she only introduced Kazim as a colleague in the industry in need of assistance.

Mercy further told Gentry, she would need his (Gentry’s) permission as the husband to put Adekaz through.

Mercy Aigbe, Kazim Adeoti with wife and kids

Recall that last month, January 23, Mercy Aigbe was trending on the internet after unveiling her new husband, Kazim Adeoti.

According to reports and bloggers, Kazim Adeoti was a married man. The revelation put social media users into a frenzy as comments and lashes began to flood into Mercy’s DM.

Later on, Lanre Gentry, Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, shared a throwback picture of an event they both attended with Kazim Adeoti and his wife, Funsho Adeoti.

Instantly there were insinuations from the public that. Kazim and Lanre were friends, and Mercy received more backlash.

However, during a show on TVC, Your View''hosted by Morayo Afolabi Brown, Mercy debunked claims that Lanre was friends with Kazim.

Mercy Aigbe says she did not break Adekaz’s home.

After many social media users accused her of breaking up Kazim Adeoti’s home with his wife Funsho Adeoti, Mercy vehemently reiterated she did not destroy his home.

According to her, Kazim Adeoti is a Muslim who has the right to marry more than one wife, and she did not break up Funsho’s home.

Speaking to Punch, she insisted that Gentry and Kazim weren’t friends. Also, addressing the picture, Lanre posted she said it was during Adekaz’s birthday in 2013 that she was invited with her husband Lanre Gentry at the time.

“They were never family friends as speculated by Funsho and what is being peddled on social media. The picture (in question) was taken in 2013 during Adekaz’s fortieth birthday, and I was still married to Gentry then.

Mercy’s new relationship is the actress’s third marriage as she was previously married to one Igbo man, followed by Lanre and now Kazim Adeoti.