Ronke Odusanya's estranged hubby, Saheed apologizes for DNA request

Deborah Dan-Awoh

Ronke Odusanya and Olanrewaju Saheed's marital problems began 2years after they welcomed baby Fifehanmi.

Ronke Odusanya and Olanrewaju Saheed

Famous Yoruba actress Ronke Odusanya's estranged husband, Olanrewaju Saheed, has apologized for requesting a DNA test to affirm the paternity of their daughter, Fifehanmi.

Early last year, Olanrewaju, aka Jago, filed a paternity test request in court in February. Jago's decision set the internet on fire at the time of the paternity test announcement.

However, almost one year after Saheed's request, he shared an Instagram video on Monday, February 7, 2022, apologizing. The businessman, filled with remorse, clearly showing on his face, apologized for going through with the request.

"I'm doing this video to clear the air about the DNA I requested from the court. I'm sorry about that. I want you guys to know that Oluwafifemi is my daughter, and I love her so much with all my heart," he said.

Saheed emphasized his undying love for his daughter and apologized again for the event of last year 

"I'm sorry for requesting DNA from the court. I love my daughter so much, and I promise to take care of her, she's my love, and I'm sorry about this. Thanks and bye."

Last year on the grounds of suspicion of infidelity, Ronke Odusanya's baby daddy, Saheed, through his lawyer, requested the court to order a DNA test to confirm the child's paternity.

The dark-skinned curvy actress and her lawyer agreed to Saheed's request on the condition that he would sort the bills. Ronke's ’ lawyer also pleaded with the court to ensure it was a court-supervised DNA test.

Ronke Odusanya and Olanrewaju Saheed with daughter, Fifehanmi

News of Ronke Odusanya and Saheed's messy separation first made the headlines in 2020; by 2021, everything fell apart after Ronke dragged Saheed to court over custody of their daughter,

The movie star was accused by a blogger, Gistlover, of financially wrecking her baby daddy, Saheed. Following the accusations of being a gold digger, Ronke Odusanya, aka Flakky ididowo, debunked all claims.

The voluptuous actress Ronke Odusanya in a post shared via her Instagram page on Monday, December 7, 2020,  said the rumours about her "financial irresponsibility are fact less and lies."

"While my {Ronke|silence will be taken for cowardice, I will be calm because the truth always reveals itself. I can defend myself, but I won't want my daughter to grow up reading such irritating and factless information," she wrote.

Ronke further added that social media has always been myopic and manipulative and that no one could break her; she also claimed bank statements prove her innocence.

"The court of social media has always been myopic and manipulative. Remember, you did not make me; you cannot break me. Bank statements can reveal who has received money from who and for what. Investigate before publishing."

"For the platform used for peddling such absurdity, seeds sown will surely germinate."

Ronle and hubby Saheed welcomed their baby in 2019.

Olanrewaju Saheed and Ronke Odusanya welcomed their baby girl Fifehanmi in 2019 before their relationship turned sour in 2021.

The 48-year-old actress Ronke Odusanya has been in the public eye for various relationship controversies, and Olanrewaju Saheed was also a lady's man before their paths crossed.

Many have labelled the Yoruba actress Ronke Odusanya as a controversial public figure, especially since her scandal with Folape Sokoya's husband, Femi Anibaba, which Ronke debunked.

During the allegations, Ronke was believed to have joined the bandwagon of Nollywood actresses who found love with other women's husbands.

The wife of Femi Anibaba, Folape, dragged the actress over alleged romantic involvement with her husband. Ronke Odusanya claimed they were not romantically linked even though Femi Anibaba asked her out.

Odusanya has also been romantically involved with Fuji veteran star, Pasuma in the past.