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Cheating scandal video: 9ice cheats on wife, pleads for forgiveness

Tochi Juliet
By Tochi Juliet

Alexander Abolore Adegbola Kande, professionally called 9ice is at the verge of losing his wife Sunkwanmi Ajala after a video of him kissing and fondling another woman's breast surfaced online.

In the video, 9ice was seen kissing and folding the unknown woman's breast as he warns other guys, especially Yahoo guys to stay clear of the girlfriend.

The video that went viral which showed 9ice cheating on his wife with an unknown lady

In the video which went viral online, 9ice has tendered a public apology to his wife, Sunkwanmi Ajala, for cheating. 9ice made the plea on his Instagram page

In the video posted on his Instagram page, the singer, 9ice admitted he made a mistake and begged his fans to help him apologise to his wife, Sunkwanmi.

The Nigerian singer 9ice has married three times, Sunkwanmi Ajala is his third wife. 9ice previous marriages ended based on infidelity on his own part.

The Nigerian singer 9ice has married three times, Sunkwanmi Ajala is his third wife.

Even though 9ice has apologised, Nigerians on Twitter didn't spare him, especially after watching the video.

See some comments made by Twitter users regarding the 9ice infidelity saga:

"Pay attention to the words people are saying when they are claiming to apologize to you. That video wasn’t him being sorry about hurting her. It was about what he is feeling now that she has probably shut him out. So wicked."

"What stuck out to me immediately I watched a that 9ice’s video is how it was all about him and how he feels. That’s how selfish people can be. He doesn’t deserve her at all."

"How will a man be married 4 times and still cheat on his fourth marriage?? Omo that's not 9ice."