Video: Lil Kesh releases music video "Yagi Level"

By Ernest Sunday

Popular Nigerian rapper Keshinro Ololade known with his stage name Lil Kesh has released his new music video Yagi Level, a piece of music from his new album Ecstasy.

The new music video, Yagi Level is perfectly made to match the street rap that Yagi Level represents. The music video, Yagi Level pictured Lil Kesh in a Ghetto punishing the kids that have disobeyed him.

The Yagi Level music video was released by Lil kesh after the releasing of his new Ecstasy album in which Lil Kesh said that he needed to deliver a quality album for his fans after being out of music for a long time.

Lil Kesh also added that he had to go and reform his body, mind and soul to make sure that he delivers something good for his fans this Christmas.

He has done it with the Ecstacy album and also backed it up with the new music video Yagi Level, something his fans will be happy for.

“Ecstasy” was birthed from the need to deliver quality music to my fans after being absent from the music scene for a while.

"During this period, I was bent on recreating myself; body, mind, and soul to this work of art, " said Lil Kesh ‘I put my heart and soul into this.

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