2Face slams Federal Government over slash of budget

Nigerian great singer 2face Idibia on the federal budget slash
Ernest Sunday

Famous Nigerian music star, 2Face Idibia has slammed the Federal Government over its decision to slash the budget for the health and education sectors.

The Federal Government of Nigeria earlier released a budget which stated that the renovation of the national assembly cost was N37bn. At the same time, that of the health and education sector was N44bn and N117bn, respectively. Currently, reports have emerged saying the budget has been slashed with the budget for the renovation of national assembly building brought down to N27bn, health sector N25bn and education sector N51bn.

This decision sounds like a disgrace to popular Nigerian music star 2face who expressed his shock in the decision made by the Federal Government to slash those important sectors and still go-ahead to fund the renovation of the national assembly building.

Writing on his Twitter account, he said," If this Naija Budget is the real figures then I must say I'm ashamed 'Extra' of my government beyond how I have been ashamed before," he tweeted.

"How can u slash Health and Education and Agriculture spending. Wetin renovation wan do. Smh. I weak. Can't even shout cos my voice dey fail me."

Great Nigerian singer Banky W went ahead to express his taught saying that people are battling with feeding in Nigeria amid coronavirus and the government are turning attention in the renovation of the National Assembly.

"At a time when most Nigerians are seriously struggling with being able to afford everything from FOOD to Healthcare, our National Assembly is going to spend N27 BILLION on "renovations"! @*$&$;@&@,@,! !*#&\??!!!" he tweeted.

The decision of the Federal Government regarding slashing of the budget and renovating the national assembly building has raised questions and criticism by many Nigerian.

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