American "Enter The Dragon" actor, John Saxon dies at 83

American "Enter the Dragon" actor, John Saxon dies at 83
Emeh Joy

American actor, John Saxon who starred alongside Bruce Lee in the classic movie, "Enter The Dragon" has been reported dead at 83.

Saxon died during the weekend at his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee from pneumonia complications, his wife, Gloria Martel Saxon said.

Speaking to CNN, she said, "I was so sure he'd hold out until his birthday...until the 5th. He was a fighter, he was a sensitive, supportive, and a generous person to not only his friends but to a lot of people that needed support and help".

Saxon was born on August 5, 1936, in Carmine Orrico in Brooklyn, New York.

IMDB recorded that he starred in nearly 200 movies and TV shows after his 1954 debut with roles on detective shows and horrors which includes the "Nightmare on Elm Street".

Saxon won the Golden Globe Award for the new star of the year in 1958 for his role in the movie, "This Happy Feeling".

Saxon is an enlightened, self-educated man who spoke three languages and was up to date with the happenings of America and the global world, his wife had said.

American actor, John Saxon, starred in the movie, "Nightmare on Elm Street"

She also added that her husband had an interest in martial arts since he was a young man.

"A young Carmine watched a war movie where an American soldier met a small Japanese soldier. When the Japanese soldier reached out to shake the larger American's hand, (he)...easily flipped the American over his shoulder.

"Well, an amazed Carmine wanted to learn how to do that. He started studying martial arts when he came to Hollywood" Mrs Saxon said in an email to CNN.

Saxon said she hopes to work with the family of Bruce Lee to create a memorial for fans of the two at Lake View Cemetary where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried in Seattle, Washington.

Saxon left behind a son, stepson, grandson and great-grandson.

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