Be stingy until you get married - Reno Omokri to men

Reno Omokiri
Tochi Juliet

Reno Omokiri, a social media activist, has taken to his social media page to dish relationship advice to men. According to him, men should be stingy to women until they become their wives.

Reno Omokri stated that men need a woman they can share their heart with and not just one they can share their cash with. He advises them to be generous with affection, not money.

The post generated a lot of comments as some believe such a thing cannot exist in today's relationship while some say the reverse is the case now as men have been the ones extorting from women.

See some comments under the post:

"At times, the reverse is the case sir...some women are not looking for men that are generous with money rather intellect and found none."

"This tweet is intended to make men stay single for life. Never in this generation will you find such a lady."

"I don't agree with you on this Mr Omokri. God gave His ONLY begotten son even when we didn't deserve such love. You can't say you love a person and be stingy towards that person. Na from girlfriend status dey change to wifey."

"Sir but the man that doesn't share money with you now will not share when he married you."

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