Davido's DMW terminates Lil Frosh’s contract over beating his girlfriend

Davido terminates Lil Frosh's contract with DMW
Ernest Sunday

Nigerian popular record label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) owned by popular musician Davido has terminated its contract with singer Sanni Goriola popularly know as Lil Frosh after claims that he brutally assaulted his girlfriend, Camille Gift.

Davido announced the termination of the contract via his Instagram account after some series of investigations regarding the case.

In a statement released by Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) it said that the music company does not condone any act of violence.

“There is no excuse for the actions of Lil Frosh, and we understand that there is nothing that can be said or done to take away the insensitivity shown,” the statement read in part.

“Upon internal investigations carried out by the label, we are left with no option than to terminate the recording contract that exists between the label and Lil Frosh, effective immediately.

"We are hereby immediately severe all affiliations with Mr Sanni Goriola Wasiu a.k.a. Lil Frosh.

“Once again, we do not condone domestic violence and stand with all victims of domestic violence.”

Lil Frosh begged Camille for forgiveness but it was not enough to keep his contract with DMW

Lil Frosh who joined the DMW record label in October 2019 was claimed to have allegedly brutalized his girlfriend, Camille on Monday, September 5th 2020.

The Brutality was revealed by Camille’s brother and manager Michael who took to his Instagram to post the picture of his sister with a bruised face saying that Lil Frosh has been beating her for a long time.

“My client and sister have suffered enough!!! We have kept quiet enough @lhilfrosh. You have done enough damage for almost a year now you have been in a relationship with my sister and client, and you have brought her nothing but horror, pain, and disaster, " Michael said.

According to Michael, his sister Camille who works as a commercial face model, has lost several jobs for over one year due to the assaults on her by Lil Frosh leaving her face injured.

“I remember the first time I found out about you are beating her on Monday 22nd of June @official_lyta team reached out to me wanting to use her for his music video shoot, but she kept on saying you didn’t like it not knowing you had beaten her to pulp and she couldn’t face the world with so much Bruise.

"Their team begged to double the money, but she couldn’t take the job because of you.

“You created so much fear in her till she turned down the job, but you still didn’t stop on a particular day you called me, and you were begging me for almost 3 hours on the phone telling me to talk to her to get back to you. Which I begged her and you promised never to lay your horrible hands on her,” he said.

Lil Frosh was confirmed to be guilty of all the allegation by his girlfriend, Camille

Camille also confirmed that the singer, Lil Frosh has been beating her since the start of their relationship.

“@lhilfrosh and I have been dating for almost 10 months now and he has been abusing me physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first, I sincerely hoped he was going to change, but he didn’t, it started with stripping me off my friends telling me who to talk and who not to talk to.

"It grew to him beating each time we had an argument, he’ll beat me, smash my phone, destroy my ring light, pour me water even film me naked and threaten to post, he has done right in front of @okikidft, and it continued.

“This happened the last 15th of September, which led to the internal bleeding in my head, confirmed by the doctors.

"My manager spoke on my behalf with my permission, and he is not to be blamed for anything he didn’t beg me to go and meet him no one did, not even my family, everyone advised me, but I still did what I wanted hoping for change,” she said.

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