Hushpuppi not on our list of billionaires - Forbes

Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas a.k.a Hushpuppi
Emeh Joy

American business magazine, Forbes, has said the alleged infamous public figure, Ramon Abbas a.k.a Hushpuppi was not on its list of World's Billionaires.

Hushpuppi, who had over 2.4 million followers on social media, was always seen flashing his ostentatious lifestyle. He possessed many luxury cars which included a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Mercedes G Wagon, Ferarri etc. He also used private jets for his international travels, flaunting so much luxurious lifestyle.

Most of the luxurious properties were seized when the Dubai Police arrested him in the United Arab Emirates before he got extradited to the United States.

Some photos of his on social media showed him reading copies of Forbes magazine. Forbes, magazine is of course popular for listing out the richest people in the world such as Bill gates, Jeff Bezos etc.

On Thursday, Forbes released an article stating that Hushpuppi was not on its list of World's Billionaires.

"Forbes does not currently inclufde Abbas on our list of the World's Billionaires", it said.

The magazine added that there are over 2,095 billionaires in the world who are worth over $8 trillion but Abbas who was accused of committing over N168 billion scam was not one of them.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Abbas is also alleged to have attempted to dupe English Premier League football club of £100m (N48.4bn).

They also said Hushpuppi should be convicted and risks spending 20 years in jail.

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