We are in entertainment age. Art is entertainment.

We are in entertainment age. Art is entertainment.

I felt pressured to marry Chioma – Davido

I felt pressured to marry Chioma – Davido
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Popular singer, Davido, has revealed that at some point in their lives, they felt pressure in their relationship due to public interference.

The Popular singer, Davido, has revealed how his relationship with his fiancée, Chioma affected her and her family.

Davido revealed Chioma as his girlfriend in the video of his hit song, ‘Assurance’ and they later got engaged in 2019.

Davido and Chioma currently have a son, Ifeanyi together.

Davido on Tuesday in his interview with Ndani TV disclosed that Chioma had received hate messages from people on social media.

According to ‘Fem’ crooner, making his relationship with Chioma public affected her life and their relationship.

Davido said: “After the Assurance video, Chioma received hate messages from people. Her parents even got hateful messages.

''It affected our relationship too. Chioma went from being a private person. It affected our relationship a lot then I realized people don’t like something good.

“We started having issues at some point, and we decided not to tell anyone anything about us, that’s was when I decided to go offline for a while.

“Before Assurance video, our relationship was so good. The dynamics between us changed after our relationship became public. It was like everybody’s relationship and business.

“I felt pressured at some point to do the wedding officially, but now I don’t. At the end of the day, it’s between both of us and our families.”

When asked if they would still get married, Davido affirmed that but said it’s not the right time.

According to him, “We would get married but not now. We are trying to make the foundation solid, and I’m so happy now that Chioma is focused on making money.

“We are not riding on the wave that people want this for us.”

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