Popular Instagram skit-maker, Maraji cries over past relationship

Emeh Joy

Popular Instagram comedienne and content creator, Gloria Oloruntobi, known by her fans as 'Maraji' has revealed in tears how her boyfriend of two years recently jilted her.

According to Maraji, she is heartbroken as her two-year-old relationship came to an end last month. Maraji's heartbreak story came as a surprise to many even as the entertainment news industry in Nigeria made it go viral. Maraji trended on Twitter for this.

Maraji, who is rated amongst the top Nigerian comedians on Instagram is from Edo state. During the early stage of her career, Maraji started with miming songs and lip-syncing videos.

Currently, in her comedy skits, Mraji role-plays in her comedy skits where she switches between vocal pitches and accents to suit any character she is playing.

Maraji advanced in her career and gained much popularity amongst social media users as she is regarded as one of the best talented and creative comedians/skit-makers. She has shown with her skills that she is among the best skit makers in Nigeria.

Asides her skits, Maraji has been involved in some other projects such as the music video for Yemi Alade's "Single and Searching" and Falz's "Something Light".

Maraji who took to her page to talk about her break up with her ex had her video go viral online. It attracted lots of comments and became one of the trending topics on Twitter on Saturday.

Maraji creates comedies alongside lip-sync videos for songs and has gained popularity on different social media platforms, particularly Instagram (where she shared the story of her break up with her ex)

Maraji broke down as she told her story, saying that it has been an extremely tough month for her. She said many people appear to be fine online while they are going through a lot in reality.

The talented skit-maker however, stated that she has people who have been incredibly supportive of her through the emotional turmoil, and she is grateful for that.

Maraji also added that she is gradually getting over the ex.

Social media has been buzzing with the news of Maraji's breakup with her boyfriend. While some tried digging to find out more about Maraji's ex-boyfriend, others really sympathised with her. Some other people encouraged her to be strong and get over the ex.

However, there was another group of people who asked to hear her ex-boyfriend's side of the story before they give an opinion on the matter.

They were of the notion that there is a need to hear from both sides as nobody knows what happened between Maraji and her ex-boyfriend behind closed doors.

Here are some reactions to Maraji's heartbreak story

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