Nigerians react to Laycon, Kiddwaya and Erica's love triangle

BbNaija housemates, Kiddwaya, Erica and Laycon (the love triangle)
Tochi Juliet

The love triangle between Erica-Laycon- Kiddwaya in Big Brother House has been buzzing the social media for some days.

It has been from one piece of advice to another from housemates to Laycon after Erica turned him down and chose Kiddwaya.

Two male housemates seem to be falling for Erica, a beautiful female housemate.

It becomes an unfortunate incident as Erica said she is mentally attracted to Laycon but physically attracted to Kiddaway.

She spent most of the time with Kiddwaya, who happens to be a billionaire son. However, she still wants to hang around Laycon at the same time.

This has caused lots of tension in the house as Laycon finds it difficult to let Erica go.

The moment Laycon professed his love to Erica

Erica, who emerged Head of House for the week, also chose her love interest, Kiddwaya, as deputy even though Laycon was in her head moments before she was called by Biggie to make a decision.

Before she chose Kiddwaya, she had initially told Laycon he would be her deputy only to choose Kiddwaya when Biggi asked her.

This got Laycon more depressed.

Erica and Kiddwaya have been spotted many times, making out and engaging in hot romance. Meanwhile, Kiddwaya has made it clear that he doesn't have feelings for Erica. This is coming the moment Erica told Big Brother that Kiddaway is her bestie and special friend.

Erica, while discussing with a fellow female housemate said, it is very difficult for her not to have sex with Kiddwaya since they are now staying together in the HOH room.

Many housemates have advised Laycon to move on, but the rapper is finding it difficult to let go of Erica.

One of those nights Laycon cried because on Erica's unreqiited love.

Laycon, at some point, told Erica to give him space, but at a second look, Laycon was found all over Erica again.

He was telling Praise a fellow housemate that Erica will definitely give in if he puts more effort and pressures her hard.

Erica and Kiddwaya kissing

This has got BBNaija fans talking about the love triangle, as some assume Laycon’s attitude is his strategy to gain votes because he has a relationship outside the house.

However, some fans have blamed Erica for flirting with both guys.

See reactions:

“ Seems to me like an obsession. Someone Laycon only just met? He said last night that Erica would have dated him if he confessed his love to her earlier. Like wtf! Bro just moves on. It’s a game, play it and leave.”

“That is his strategy to use Kiddwaya and Erica and blackmail viewers to vote for him, but my God will expose the fraud.”

“ That Erica na evil and manipulative babe.”

“ Erica needs to leave this boy alone. She needs to understand that it will hurt him; rejection will definitely hurt anyone. I don’t know if she’s having pity for him at this point or just being plain as manipulative, and it’s irritating.”

“ The way Kiddwaya is so unbothered about Laycon is incredible. E no even be like say person dey follow am drag woman. It’s like Laycon doesn’t exist to him in that situation at all.”

“ The fact is Kiddwaya doesn’t really care about Erica. He said it himself yesterday that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. The reason Kid looks not to be bothered bcos “No feelings.” It is easy when love is not involved.”

“Organisers of BBN lockdown should, in a matter of urgency, send Laycon a relationship counselor. This calls for worry. He’s suddenly become a shadow of himself. Housemates now talk to him to move on. This is serious; I pray it shouldn’t turn violent.”

“ What’s happening to Lycon is just self-deceit. We need to be constantly honest with ourselves. Kidd is physically more attractive than u, is a billionaire’s son, is a vibe. Dude, most girls, will naturally choose him over you. Accept that!"

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