Ozo wins Innoson car after , excited Nengi sits in car front seat

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BBNaija 2020 lockdown housemate Ozoemena Chukwu known in he house as Ozo has won a brand new Caris car from Innoson after emerging the winner of the Innoson task challenge.

The housemates were happy with Ozo and celebrated his big win. Biggie permitted the housemates to check out the car which was parked in the arena.

The housemates, Dorathy, Trikytee and Vee all rushed to Ozo's car to have a feel of the car interior.

Nengi, his love interest in the house had made her way to the front seat of the car where she was spotted giggling and making funny comments like "Overload! Overload"

Some viewers had made fun of Nengi's move saying things like, "Nengi has already possessed her possession", "Nengi took her place as the madam" etc.

Other housemates celebrated Ozo's win with him

Laycon later joined Nengi in the front seat as Ozo, the winner and new car owner repeatedly honked in sheer excitement.

How the BBNaija housemates played the Innoson car challenge

The Innoson car challenge was played by the seven remaining housemates who haven't been evicted from the reality TV show- Ozo, Nengi, Trikytee, Laycon, Neo, Vee and Dorothy.

This game signalled a move towards the finale of the lockdown show. The Innoson contest involved a game of colour cards with numbers which the housemates had to watch, remember and memorise.

It is an intense game of number patterns and colours which was used to test the housemate's cognitive skills.

After watching the cards, Biggie isolated them and then asks the housemates the number on the card which was previewed. In order to win, housemates have to give the correct answer.

Ozo emerged the winner at the end of the Innoson Car Challenge after an intense competition with Dorothy and Neo

Laycon was the first housemate to fallout of the game. Laycon was followed by Nengi, Vee and then Trikytee.

The main contest was then left to be among Neo, Ozo and Dorothy. Ozo at the end emerged the winner of the 2020 Model Innoson Caris as he was able to memorise the digits previewed on the lounge's TV.

What is the price of Ozo's new Innoson Caris?

Ozo's brand new saloon car is a 2020 Model Innoson Caris. Ozo's new car which came straight from the Innoson factory is valued at N4.5 million.

The Innoson IVM Caris is said to have an engine capacity of 2.0L and one of the company's attempts at having something different for its future car designs.

The red Ozo car has a captivating sleek design and remains one of the biggest wins in the house.

BBNaija house tasks that Ozo has won

Many viewers and fans of Ozo have hailed Ozo on his new win. Even though they condemn his feelings and constant display of love for Nengi who doesn't reciprocate his love, they still hold the opinion that he is an intelligent man.

Some of his fans also took to their Twitter accounts to start up the harsh tag #OZOisAGem. They did this to let the public know that despite what people think of Ozo and despite what was going on between Ozo and Nengi, Ozo is a gem.

Well, Ozo has proven to be a gem indeed because, over the past few weeks spent in the house, he was won many games and challenges. Here are the tasks he has won:

  1. Head of House (twice)
  2. Wager winner (twice)
  3. Betway Trivia
  4. Arena Games Champion
  5. Pepsi task
  6. TravelBeta task
  7. Flutterwave task
  8. Tomtom task
  9. Innoson task

While he was a sole winner for some, he won some others collectively. For instance, the Pepsi task was won by him and TrikkyTee.

More of Ozo's Innoson car photos

Ozo's brand new 2020 Innoson Caris car

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