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We are in entertainment age. Art is entertainment.

In Pictures: Popular musician, Davido, during EndSARS protest in Abuja

David Adeleke a.k.a Davido during the #EndSARS protest at Force Headquarters, Abuja
Emeh Joy

The top Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido joined protesters yesterday in Abuja to demand justice for victims being brutalised and murdered by the newly dissolved Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Davido had tweeted on Saturday that he would be joining in the peaceful demonstration with the hashtag, #EndSARS which has spanned across different states in the country.

Nigerian musician Davido was present during the EndSARS protest in Abuja

According to some protesters, Davido arrived when the protest already started

Davido's arrival at the scene of the protest (around Force Headquarters Abuja) sparked much jubilation amongst the protesters even though some criticised him for joining the protest late.

Davido's arrival sparked Jubilation amongst the protesters

Davido's arrival was right at the time when the protesting youths needed the presence of a public figure like him.

According to a Live video on Davido's Instagram, at a point during the protest, Davido had urged the crowd to stay behind while he walks up to the policemen with a few friends and the crowd obliged.

As seen in the Live Video on his Instagram, police went ahead to release tear gas on Davido and the few men with him even though they had their hands up in the air as a sign of peace. They had to get down on their knees.

A clip from Instagram Live Video showing when Davido with hands raised up approached men of the NPF during the protest at the Force Headquarters, Abuja

The policemen at the Force Headquarters on realising that it was the young musician, Davido approaching, they seized throwing the tear gas.

This got many Nigerians comment angrily saying it is very wrong for the Nigerian Police to release tear gas on protesters who raised their hands showing they aren't with any weapon and they come in peace.

Davido sitting with the protesters during the protest at Force Headquarters in Abuja

At a point during the protest Davido and few men of his men peacefully moved towards the police officers

Despite their hands raised up into the air as sign of peace, men of the Nigerian Police Force went ahead to throw tear gas at Davido and the men with him.

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu brought a halt to the protests when he announced on Sunday afternoon that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is now dissolved.

However, the part of his statement that read "All SARS officials would be redeployed to other units" and "a new policing arrangement to tackle armed robbery would be announced soon" doesn't seem to sit well with the masses.

Asides that Nigerians on social media also demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the public himself, adding that they want to hear about the dissolution directly from the President.

This demand from angry Nigerians stems from the fact that this isn't the first time the IGP of police would be announcing a ban of the SARS. Yet, the special force didn't stop its operations which includes brutalizing and terrorizing innocent citizens.

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