Why Majek Fashek will be buried in U.S. - Son

Nigerian musician, songwriter and entertainer, Majekodunmi Fasheke a.k.a Majek Fashek
Emeh Joy

Randy, the first child of the late legendary Nigerian reggae musician, Majek Fashek, announced that his father would be privately buried in the United States and gave the reason for that decision.

Clacified Intl reported earlier in June that the singer passed away in New York after battling an unknown illness, and since then, nothing has been heard about the burial plans.

However, his son recently took to a YouTube video on the "Majek and Family" channel to announce the burial location, the United States. He said the decision was taken to "ensure the safety of the fans, family, and friends."

Randy explained that the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to bring his father home for burial while the burial date is yet to be fixed.

"The decision was based on us exhausting all resources trying to bring dad home. We went to a great length to solve all situations and problems but were forced with this decision based on the economic pandemic such as COVID-19....and many more", he said.

He did acknowledge that the decision might not go down well with some people; however, he said the family is "making the appropriate decision."

Randy concluded by raising the alarm about the fraudulent activities of scam artists who are out to defraud people using his late dad's name.

He said, "You guys don't feed into the people that said we are doing this for money, which is very ridiculous. We are one unit as we build dad's estate.

"Meaning all Majek Fashek related items will go through me and the family, and there are no exemptions to that. Our purpose is to build until we are in the position to help little children, and this is what dad would have wanted.

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