26-day-old baby tests positive for COVID-19 following autopsy

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Emeh Joy

A 26-year-old baby in Pennsylvania reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 following an autopsy.

The cause of her death is still under investigation as Berks County Acting Coroner, John Hollenbach said her death is not necessarily due to the COVID-19 infection.

Hollenbach said no foul play is suspected; however, a toxicology screening has been ordered.

The baby was found unresponsive on Sunday and was immediately taken to Reading Hospital. She reportedly died soon after she was admitted.

Hollenbach said the coroner's office and Berk's Count detectives are leading the investigation. The baby's aunt had tested positive to COVID-19 ta some point but had resumed work for some weeks, he said.

Hollenbach had no idea if that means she had been in contact with the baby while she tested positive, but he indicated that the aunt's positive result was what prompted the baby to be tested postmortem.

The parents of the baby had not been tested for COVID-19 before the baby's death.

According to John Hopkins University Coronavirus Research Center, Berks County has had 4,889 cases of COVID-19 and 362 deaths.

And according to the Census Bureau, the county which is in southeastern Pennysylvania north of Philadelphia has a population of 411,442.

Two infants in Berks County have had autopsies since the outbreak of COVID-19. One of the infants was a case of homicide, Berks said.

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