Medicinal benefits of unripe plantain

Bunch of unripe plantain
Tochi Juliet

When it comes to unripe plantain, many people fancy it for the fact that it entices the eyes when cooked with beans. The medicinal benefit of it is not well known by many.

Unripe plantain and beans will surely make you salivate when cooked together. However, aside from the cooking with beans, there are other uses of unripe plantain, especially as a medicinal plant.

Researchers have carried out different researches about the medicinal benefit of unripe plantain, and it has been established that unripe plantain serves as a cure to some disease.

It has been observed that unripe plantain contains antioxidant compounds that help prevent diseases and provides vitamins.

According to researchers from the Center of Development of Biotic Products (CEPROB), unripe plantain is a natural source of resistant starch that helps to reduce blood glucose levels, so it is considered an excellent ingredient for food fortification.

Here are several medicinal benefits of unripe plantain:

Enriches the heart

Its richness in potassium makes it heart friendly by preventing heart attack and hypertension through controlling heart rate and blood pressure in our body and cell.

Also, its fibre content is excellent for reducing cholesterols level, which reduces the risk of developing any heart diseases.

"Hypoglycemic effect of methanolic extract of Musa paradisiaca (Musaceae) green fruits in normal and diabetic mice" established that unripe plantain has the potential of lowering blood sugar

Treats anaemia and neuritis

Its presence of vitamin B6 can help in curing neuritis (inflammation of the nerve), and anaemia: a medical condition where someone has low red blood cells in the blood, which causes weakness.

With inclusive into meal plan and consumption, it can cure anaemia and neuritis and serves as a preventive measure.

Helps the circulatory and digestive system

Its source of vitamin A, B6 and C helps with better vision, better skin complexion, builds immunity against diseases and free radicals.

Strengthens stronger bones

Unripe plantain is rich in calcium which is the essential mineral needed for stronger bones, muscles, nails and teeth.

A healthy meal with unripe plantain inclusive will prevents diseases such as osteoporosis which involves the weakening of the bones and causes fractures.

Prevents Ulcer

Various studies conducted have shown that unripe plantain contains phytochemical properties such as leucocyanidin which can prevent ulcer.

Scientists reason that the starch in plantain's unripe form helps to decrease acidity and reduce irritation.

It stimulates the cells on the lining of the stomach to produce thicker mucus, which guards against acid aside its elimination of stomach bacteria that has been pointed as the leading cause of ulcers.

In the Indian Journal of Pharmacology", the research stated that plantain powder is a potent herbal remedy for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease.

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