Singapore-based caregiving startup launches Homage Health services

Homage Health telehealth services: A doctor having a telehealth consultation with her patient
Emeh Joy

A Singapore-based startup, Homage which matches families and caregivers, has launched a new service, the Homage Health which focuses on providing telehealth consultations, medical visits and medical delivery.

Homage Health service had already been developed even before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its CEO and co-founder, Gillian Tee said the launch of the service was triggered faster because most of the people that benefit from the company's caregiving services are elderly or at battling with chronic health conditions and are at higher risk of getting the disease.

Homage was launched in 2016 and have been backed by investors such as Alternate Ventures, HealthXCapital and KDV Capital. It offers a caregiving program which focuses on people who require long-term assisted living and rehabilitation care.

The program integrates with Homage Health as the platform's caregivers (which includes nurses) will be able to provide in-person support for online consultations with doctors and will help the patients follow up on recommended healthcare guidelines.

Before Homage Health was launched, the startup worked with healthcare organizations to deliver mobile medical services, and this includes telehealth services in line with COVID-19 response and doctor house calls.

The CEO, Tee also spoke as regards its demand amongst clients who need regular health screenings. "Particularly with COVID-19, as an essential service, we felt a higher impetus to ensure our care recipients can continue to gain access to in-home and caregiving services.

"A key example would be where our care recipients can receive speech therapy through consultations", she said.

Having caregivers medical sessions and prescription records all in one platform also make it a lot easier to provide long-term healthcare management to recipients.

Homage gets doctors prescreened before adding them up to the platform. All doctors have to be registered with the Singapore Medical Council, should have a minimum of five years practising medicine and must receive medical teleconsultation training.

The service is useful for diagnosing common conditions like allergies and cold. It also provides the follow-up consultations needed by patients who are recovering from health conditions like stroke, hypertension and Parkinson's disease.

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