5 types of bank alerts Nigerians receive and emotions attached to each

Emeh Joy

Living as a Nigerian adult in Nigeria, you should expect that your phone would buzz now and then with alerts from your bank. What do they want? Here are 5 likely reasons why your bank is sending you an SMS.

A man that received an alert SMS from his bank

Living as a Nigerian adult in Nigeria, you should expect that your phone would buzz now and then with alerts from your bank. What do they want? Here are five likely reasons why your bank is sending you an SMS.

Credit alert

Typically in Nigeria, once someone's phone buzzes with an incoming message, the next thing people around would say is, "Oh yea, she just got a credit alert". This is the king of all the alerts- the type people look forward to.

Many people would agree that nothing beats the feeling of getting a credit alert from your bank, especially when you aren't expecting one. Some claim it has healed them of sickness. Talk of the power of money!

Debit alert

Okay, the feeling here is the exact opposite of what you get when you receive the credit alert. Who would want their cake to be taken from them? In fact, some would even hope to eat their cake and have it back.

That feeling you get when you receive debit alert from your bank. It can bring you to tears!

Imagine that you went on a shopping spree and bought nearly all the sweet, beautiful things you saw in the shop counter only for you to get home and get that heart-wrenching SMS to notify you that more than half of your salary is gone with just a swipe of your card.

This text somehow has the ability to reset one's brain to normalcy, though. It reminds you as you are spending that you are drawing closer to the "broke" state.

Monthly account statement

Banks love giving account even when the money is your and not theirs; this is what I love about them. You know, it's just like doing the work for you like, "Hey, you don't have to worry your head about the maths, we"ll gladly do that for you".

Somehow, I believe banks send you your account statement at the end of the month just in case you gave deaf ears and blind eyes to the debit alerts they send to you each time you spend money out of your account.

Your account statement shows all you have been doing with the money and how you have been managing your account. It shows you what goes in and out of the account.

This text is often received with mixed feelings because while some do well in managing their account and saving, others are simply spendthrifts and end up having their accounts blinking red at the end of the month.

Card maintenance fee and SMS notification charge

I think this is the silliest charge and one of the most annoying SMS to receive from the bank, but every one of us with a bank account in the country does receive it (oh well, unless you didn't link your phone number to receive alerts from your bank).

We all wonder, "Why do our cards need maintenance? What exactly are they maintaining in the cards?". The SMS notification is even the worst. Banks send you SMS you don't ask for and end up charging you for those SMS notifications.

Is it just my country, or is it done in other countries as well? I wish to get a response to that. Perhaps, I will ask.

So each time you receive those credit, debit, monthly account, expect another SMS because your bank will still charge you for those texts. They aren't free.

These alerts can make you want to walk into the bank manager's office asking that your money be replaced into your account.

Birthday/Holiday messages

Banks can be nice too; they show care on some good days.

Nigerian banks care about their customers too and will celebrate you on your birth days. Isn't that cute?

They remember you on your birthday day and send you goodwill messages on certain holiday dates. For some people, birthday wishes from their banks are the first messages they wake up to on their birthday.

You will feel loved and believe they have your best interest at heart. Well, until you remember they are still going to charge you for that message.

Aren't our banks awesome? At least some of us that rarely get texts have bank alerts to keep our phone buzzing now and then.