Male practices considered as gay signs in Nigeria

Emeh Joy

Nigerians, unlike their counterparts in the western world, are homophobic, yay or nay? Here are some hilarious things that if a man does in this part of the world, he might be labelled a homosexual.

List of some male practices considered as gay signs in Nigeria and Africa at large

Nigerians, unlike their counterparts in the western world, are generally homophobic, yay or nay? Nigeria is home to religion. Here are some male practices that are usually frowned at and considered gay practices in Nigeria.

While some western practices and beliefs are stealthily making there way in; there are still quite a number of practises that a higher percentage of the population frowns at.

Abortion is still illegal in the country. Same-sex marriage is not acceptable here. It is also noteworthy to add that Nigeria does not uphold LGBT right. In fact, male and female same-sex sexual activity is seen as illegal in the country and is punishable by law.

If you are caught in the act, you will be sentenced to up to 14 years imprisonment. Also, the maximum punishment in the twelve northern states that have adopted the Shari'a law is death by stoning.

However, it is hilarious to say that there are some perfectly normal things that if a man does in this part of the world, he might be labelled a homosexual.

Here are some things that if you do as a man in Nigeria, it can raise eyebrows. Funny enough, absolutely nothing is wrong with a male gender doing any of these but trust Nigerians to be overdramatic.

Having a skincare routine

As a man here, you will be a suspect if you are giving special attention to your skin, taking care of it. In fact, what Nigerians see as normal is men not applying creams on their body.

Taking regular care of your beards, skin and hair, can raise concerns among Nigerians

You might be overlooked if you apply body creams but if you take the routine skincare step further by opting for 'special' treats like facial cleansing and scrubbing, use of sunscreen and toners, expect lots of gullible fellows to start talking.

By the way, men need to be informed about the need to take care of their skin. Skincare is not gendered discriminatory. Some of us love our men looking good and smelling nice.

So enough of the Irish Spring and Vaseline already! Get products that will make your skin-pop.

Wearing jewellery

The approved jewellery for men in this part of the world is the wristwatch. The use of a necklace is widely gaining acceptance among the gender group.

However, other pieces of jewellery like a ring, anklet etc. are seen as extra. "You are a man and shouldn't be doing the woman thing", you are likely to be told.

If you then venture to wear a waist bead, forget it, you are done for as you will be tagged a lost course.

Pedicure/manicure, lip balms

Why would you apply a lip balm when you are a man? Perhaps, it is better to have the men moving around with lips cracked like the dry plains of Savannah to show 'masculinity'.

Shout out to my guys out there who have defied all odds to keep their lips soft, smooth and lush. That is the way it should be and listen; I know taking care of your lips doesn't make you a gay.

What about pedicure/manicure? Once you walk into a Nigerian salon for this purpose, if you are not careful, the stares might kill you. You'd wonder if you walked in naked.

But come to think of it, does grooming nails and having your feet, toes and fingers in order to look good have anything to do with sexuality? Hell no! Sit your ass down, cross your legs and get those nails well-trimmed.

Being too much into fashion

Asides being given the "homosexual" tag, men that always go out of their way to look good are also typically labelled "womanizers".

People here mostly have the notion that you can't be dripping all that "sauce" if your primary intention isn't to impress women.

Nigerians will love it if you have a good fashion sense, but watch mouths start wagging when it seems you are going overboard with it. Soon you'd hear whispers of "Maybe he is gay".

Using the words, "Dear", "I love you" on a fellow man

What the hell is that, Are you kidding?, you don't say that in Nigeria to a fellow man. Never!!!

Ops, What the hell is that, Are you kidding?, you don't say that in Nigeria to your fellow man. Never!!!

This is the height of it all for Nigerian men. This will be the last straw that will break the camel's back.

If you do all or most of the above and then make the mistake of telling another man "I love you", that is almost like a confirmation of your sexuality status.

Watch the man you said the words to start avoiding you like a plague. It doesn't matter if those words are coming from a friend; Nigerian men just don't like a fellow man telling them that.

Men will prefer that you act the love by having their back but leave the work of telling them that to their women.