LASG official asks bus driver to enter car boot, Nigerians react

By Emeh Joy

A video has surfaced online showing a Lagos State Government official commanding a bus driver to enter his car booth for reportedly complaining about his driving.

They say life in Nigeria is full of drama and funny events. But you see Lagos? that is the hub of dramatic events. People that are okay there are probably not more than 5% of the total population.

What did I just watch? You can hear the people shouting and a loud voice saying, "what did the man do? Wetin the man do?"

Okay, here is the gist of what happened. The commercial shuttle driver was stuck in traffic as usual with other vehicles when a Lagos State Government official took to wrong driving.

Of course as expected the commercial shuttle driver complained (who wouldn't complain?), only for the Government official to come out of his car and demand that the bus driver enters his (the government official's) car boot.

The first question is, "What crime did the bus driver commit?", The second question is, "What gave the Lagos State Government official the audacity to ask a full-fledged grown man to enter his car boot?"

Read some reactions of Nigerians on social media to this incident below.

"God knows I'll beat that man to stupor if I was the shuttle bus driver he was trying to humiliate. This country is funny... because he is an official, he thinks everything goes! Even if the other man is at fault...Animals walking as humans" @Veectorh1 wrote.

@Funmi_Kolz tweeted, "What kind of nonsense is this??? How can you tell a full-grown man to enter your boot???"

@Segzyfranc in reaction to the video tweeted, "Oppression everywhere. Person wey dem suppose rush blow. Nah him pikin wey he dey command him to enter boot?

"If trailer jam am tomorrow, dem go blame village people. If nah even Range Rover he dey drive, e for better. Tueh".

@OkereUgonna4 made sense when he tweeted in reaction to the video, "Omo...Africans especially Nigerians don't know how to handle power...

"They abuse it with every given opportunity to show you they are better and above you".

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