Nigerian girls: 5 hairdos that will make you go bald by 40

Deborah Dan-Awoh

Did you know almost 50% of black women experience some form of hair loss and a major cause is bad hairstyling?

Women experiencing early hair loss

Women generally love to look good and wear hairstyles that achieve the look for them.

Over the years, Nigerian women have evolved in their attempts to amplify their natural beauty, from fancy makeup to rocking hairstyles that give the "wow" effect.

The question is, what's the long-term effect of these hairstyles on your hair? 

These hairstyles and heat styling could lead to temporary or permanent hair loss in women and girls.

According to Hopkins Medicine Center, black women are particularly prone to alopecia caused by heat, chemicals, and tight styles that pull at the hair root, including some braids, dreadlocks, extensions, and weaves.

Do you know how they say it's not right if the weaving isn't tight? That's a big red flag for your hair; you may be styling yourself bald.

So this article provides information on beautiful hairstyles that could ruin the future of your hair forever!

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1. Artificial Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks look great! That's what you are thinking.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but they’re not so great for hair safety. 

However, fixing dreads into your hair artificially?

When you use heavy wool-like materials without undue pressure on the natural hair, it damages you in the long run, especially if it's one of your favorite hairstyles.

Over extended periods, the twisted, matted, tangled hair that forms into dreads results in dandruff, hair loss, and other scalp conditions.

What's even worse is if the artificial hair is applied straight up after adding, relaxing your hair may lead to severe breakage.

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2. Ghana Weave

This hairstyle is an African label.

Ghana weave is a bug that every Nigerian girl has been infected with.

It continues to be one of the top hairstyles up until this moment. However, Ghana Weaves can cause damage to women's hair, especially your edges(talk about them looking like they were shaved).

The weave begins from the thinnest point of your hair using hair extensions.

After packing and repacking, those thin strands of hair under pressure begin to fall off from the scalp.

Notice when the hair gets old how the hair begins to lift at the front like you are wearing a cap.

To avoid getting bald, have the hairdresser start the weave without using extensions and subtly add them. The wings, being heavier than the hair, are why the pull is harder on your strands.


3. Ponytails

Research has found that pulling your hair back tightly may cause damage.

Not just any kind of hair damage but the dreaded “traction alopecia,” this type of hair loss is caused by trauma to the hair follicles due to the constant hair pull.

Ponytails can be worn in different ways, from high ponies to low ponytails; however, constantly wearing this hairstyle will eventually damage your hair.

That's because the beauty of ponytails is how flat and tightly pulled your hair looks.

Naturally, African hair is not designed to be smooth and straightened, but to achieve the western Kardashian pony, women stress their hair to the breakpoint.

In the future, consider switching up your styles to avoid permanent hair loss.

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4. Tight braids

Even though braids are considered protective styles and look absolutely sensational on any hair type-however, constant braiding and pulling of the hair can lead to breakage.

 When the hair is pulled too tight, it weakens the roots, which can lead to follicle injury, splitting, and overall damaged hair, according to experts

 So, next time you go to braid your hair, tell your hairstylist to be gentle on your strands, especially your edges.

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5. Stick Straight Strands

While flat straightened hair isn't damaging on its own, the hot tools used to achieve that hairstyle are.

 Just think about it. Using heat to straighten your hair into submission.

The hair that on a typical day is wooly and curly.

 Straightening your hair isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do for your strands, according to experts. If you must flatten your hair, use a heat protectant spray beforehand to help lessen the damage.

Because there will be damage, just saying.