Housing and luxury: Top 8 weirdest mansions in the world

Emeh Joy

Have you thought of having luxury, weird, gigantic, beautiful and sophistication all in one house? Check out these houses eclectically built for comfort.

Desert supervillain lair

Have you thought of having luxury, weird, gigantic, beautiful and sophistication all in one house? Check out these houses eclectically built for comfort.

The Heliotrope (Freiburg, Germany)

The heliotrope house in Freiburg, Germany

It's a different thing to say that someone lives in a spaceship but living in a gigantic battery? That is on a whole new level. That is probably the best way to describe the shape and function of Germany's heliotrope.

This mansion is as high as 48 foot and is designed in the shape of a battery. It doesn't end there, it rotates 180 degrees, thus, making it easy for those with motion sickness.

The heliotrope is also solar powered as the sun controls its rotation; it faces the sun during the cold seasons. It probably absorbs solar energy most times as it reportedly generates more energy than it uses (the first house to do so).

It's designer, Architect Rob Dish who made the designs in 1994 lives there enjoying the eco-friendly and luxurious scenario around him. The building has numerous rooms, a viewing deck, a garden terrace and a sundeck.

The Upside-Down House (Beverly Hills, Califonia)

Upside-down house, Beverley Hills, California

We are all used to the traditional pattern of having a multi-floor home with the living room and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms on top. Well, with the Beverly upside-down mansion, the setup is flipped in such a way that the living corner at the top floor faces the bedroom downstairs.

This set up could be incongruous, especially for a first-timer; however, it would make sense after a while. You'd be grateful that you won't have to comb a bunch of stairs to get to the bedroom when you are tired and need to hit the bed.

One of the primary reasons why the architects came up with this plan for this $3.2 million mansion is because the area where it is situated contains more than 100 oak trees which are federally protected from lumberjacks. They had to construct one of the floors directly into the hillside.

As the floor on the earth level is completely see-through, you could get the much-needed privacy when you are sleeping.

Sunset Beach Water Tower (Orange County, California)

The sunset beach tower, Orange County, California

The architects of this magnificent house actually turned a musty old water tower into a comfortable living spot!

The house used to be an 87 feet high PCH water tower storing as much as 75,000 gallons of water at once. It carries more than 300 tons but sometime in the 1970s, the water channelled elsewhere thus, living the tower standing lonely and almost forgotten.

It was not until about a decade later that a group of investors took up the initiative to revamp it into something cosy and private. It was later sold to Fire Chief, Gerald Wallace at the sum of $800,000 who attempted to sale it out for as much as $8,000,000,000 but later settled for 1.5 million.

Within the tower house lies a 2,800 feet living space which includes a 145-gallon aquarium, three bedrooms and a party room that features a fire pit. You also get a view of the sunset beach from here.

Falcon's Nest (Prescott, Arizona)

Falcon's best, Prescott, Arizona

What do you think of living in a magnificent mansion over a 100 feet high surrounded by a greenery scene with no noisy neighbours? This ten-storey building is commonly called the Falcon's nest, but it is officially known as Pace of Laurel House.

The 124 feet building sure does look like a nest tower top (might as well be a gigantic falcon). Set in a background that represents historical events, you can imagine that living here would be like living in the movies.

Its owners asked for $1.5 million, and anyone that deposits the sum gets to have this luxurious living space with 6200 feet square. The house consists of bedrooms, four bathrooms and the main floor which enables you to get a full view of the Arizona wilderness beneath.

Dr Seuss House (Talkeetna Alaska)

Dr Seuss House in Talkeetna Alaska

Would you mind living in this tower house? Inspired by a book, Dr Seuss house extends high up into the sky. It is better described as a house built on top of a house with other houses built on top the second houses and on and on it extends upwards even as their sizes diminish.

The house is owned by Phil Beater who is also the designer. Just sitting on top of the fourth house is already a 185-foot tower. It's owner still plans to install a telescope atop the tower and has plans of launching a ham radio station. This probably means the tower isn't finished yet.

Do you think it will be sold out? Well, according to its owner, you shouldn't expect to see it in the market anytime soon, but you could try convincing him otherwise.

Bat Casa (San Miguel, Mexico)

Interior of the Bat Casa house

The love for Batman must have made San Miguel Steve design a beautiful mansion based on the Batman story. The Bat Casa is a two-storey building with the Batman symbol boldly displayed in front.

However, this doesn't mean it has the exact look of the dark and grim Batcave we see in the movies rather; this is simply a bizarre-looking 1500 square foot small mansion that looks juts like an item from the art gallery.

The interior is made of white curved walls which seem to blend into one another, all looking fused with strange shapes of sculpted branches twisting together to form its living space.

This unique, cool house is not for sale; however, you can have it rented out to you at the rate of about $90 per night. If you want to get the feeling of living in a grand cave, you should think of the Bat Casa as its bed built right into the plaster gives the impression of living in a plaster jungle.

Desert "Supervillain Lair" (Joshua Tree, California)

Desert supervillain lair

You recall the creepy supervillain lairs you watch in James Bond movies, the type built into the mountains where Blofeld would bring James Bond for torture. One does really exist in reality, at California's Joshua tree desert.

The house was designed in 1988 but was completed in 2000. The 4,600 square-foot mansion looks like something carved right out of the mountains. It has copper walls that have the appearance of stone slabs, and with the way the roof is designed, it may be difficult to tell that a house is there. That, in fact, is the designer's goal- for the house to look like an organic part of the desert.

With the house standing alone in about 10 acres of land, the only neighbours around are miles of Joshua tree desert, thus offering its owner absolute privacy.

Within the home interiors lie alien-looking chandeliers with sharp edges scattered all over the place. A Manhattan Beach Couple purchased it for $3 million in 2014.

Capital Hill Residence (Moscow Russia)

Capital Hill Residence, the house designed like a spaceship

Being a billionaire makes it possible and easier to get almost anything you want, including any house design you want. While some billionaires would prefer a normal looking house, the Russian CEO of Imam resorts, Vladislav Doronin would instead opt for the extraordinary.

He decided one day that he wants to live in a giant spaceship, so he made that happen. The 28,500 square-foot mansion was described on the architect's page as fluid-like geometries which emerge from the landscape to remain partially embedded within the hillside