Exploring Zambezi River's Victoria Falls: Is the Devil's Pool safe?

By Emeh Joy
View of mist from River Zambezi Victoria Falls many kilometres away

The waterfall has also formed the greatest attraction centre in Africa. The location of this waterfall has been controversial with the two countries- Zambia and Zimbabwe claiming the waterfall is in their country.

Victoria Falls is found situated on the Zambezi River which the fourth-largest river in Africa. River Zambezi is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The waterfall is the only one in the world with a height of more than 100 metres and a length of more than a kilometre.

You can hear the noise of the Victoria Falls from a distance of as much as 40 kilometres away. You can also see the mist and spray from the falling water (which rises to a height of over 400 metres), from up to 50 kilometres away.

Little wonder the local population gave the waterfall the name, "Mosi-o-Tunya, meaning "The smoke that thunders".

One of the awe-striking features of the Victoria Waterfall is the Devil's Pool, a natural pool of water located atop the Falls. There have been debates as regards the safety of the pool as people have been seen swimming at this spot.

Exploring Devil's Pool Victoria Falls: What you need to know

This calm pool of water forms right at the edge of this magnificent waterfall. Isn't it amazing that people can actually swim in this pool which straddles the edge of the Victoia Falls?

The Devil's Pool seems like a death-defying feat which most daring tourists of the waterfall just had to tick off their bucket list. Have you added it yours?

If you are the type that gets that thrilling sensation when you are about going on a daring adventure, then you might want to add the Devil's Pool to your list.

The Devil's Pool, a natural pool located atop the Victoria Falls

The pool is an infinity pool. The fact is that there isn't much information on how to visit this pool located in the Victoria Falls; however, most tourists that have visited this spot agree that it is the most insanely thrilling and awesome experience they have ever had.

Is the Devil's Pool safe?

The first question that usually pops up when the idea of visiting the Victoria Falls and the Devil's Pool is the question of safety. People are interested in knowing how safe it is out there.

While there is no straightforward answer to that, one can say that the Devil's Pool is relatively safe. However, that it is relatively safe doesn't mean there are no significant risks. Within the Pool lies a rock lip which projects upward thus, keeping people from falling over the edge.

The rock is sturdy and thick. You will have to go up and over the cliff for anything to happen. Is there a possibility of the cliff giving way one day? That is highly unlikely; however, just like everything in life, there is the possibility of risk.

You will have to take a short swim pass the River Zambezi just above the Victoria Falls, From Livingston Island to get to the Pool. Many people don't even know this.

The current wouldn't be strong, but there would be current nonetheless. The good thing is that guides and lifeguards are available to instruct and guard you. Weak swimmers will be assisted.

Have there been any Devil's Pool accidents in the past?

From information gathered, there have been accidents but mostly from people slipping on wet rocks and getting minor injuries. There is also the risk of running into dangerous aquatic creatures like crocodile and hippotamus.

Yes, such creatures do exist in Victoria Waterfalls; however, it is a good thing that the guides take precautionary measures by checking for them before people venture into the water.

You are highly unlikely to see crocodiles in the Pool itself though as the water here is fairly shallow and they seem to be more confined to the Zambezi.

Tourists swimming and having fun at the Devil's Pool located on the edge of the Victoria Waterfall which lies between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Before you venture into visiting the Devil's Pool, you must have overcome the fear of swimming. No records of death have been attributed to the Pool.

Even though a story went online about a tour guide who slipped over the edge of the Fall while trying to save a tourist, reports have it that the story is not precisely accurate. Besides, the incident didn't take place at the Devil's Pool but in a different location on the waterfall.

Other casualties have also been recorded with the Fall but none exactly associated death at the Devil's Pool during a Livingstone Island tour which is the only means of accessing the Pool.

The possibility of death wouldn't be totally dismissed as carelessness could make one go over the edge. Just be careful out there.

Since you have to swim from Livingstone Island to Devil's Pool and there is no pool to hold on to, not everyone should go for this. Anyone that would tour the Devil's Pool should be fit enough to get across the Zambezi River while the current is flowing.

So back to the question of if the Devil's Pool is safe? Look at this way, is going surfing safe? Risks are involved, right?

But people do it without being harmed. It is up to you to weigh the risk and know if you will dare yourself to take the risk. Surely, just looking at the Pool, it is scary and terrifying, but it can still be a thrilling and exhilarating experience for you.