Ancient Roman jars discovered in Spanish seafood shop

Ancient Roman artefacts (jars) found in a Spanish seafood shop
Emeh Joy

Authorities in Spain who were conducting a routine inspection of a frozen seafood shop were surprised to discover ancient Roman artefacts decorating the premises.

According to local media, the owner's son found the ancient objects while he was fishing.

The thirteen jars (amphoras) are believed to have dated back to the 1st Century AD. It wasn't just that; an 18th Century anchor and a limestone plaque where also found in the shop.

Both the business owner and his son are currently being investigated.

According to a statement released by the Civil Guard on Wednesday, "The amphoras could come from shipwrecks" which would be protected as objects of underwater archaeology.

Amphoras are jars with two vertical handles typically useful in antiquity for the storage and transportation of food-related items.

They also come in different designs and shapes as specific places were known for their pottery designs. For instance, places like Corinth, Attica, the islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios each has its specific pottery design.

The amphoras found were probably used to transport things like wine, oil or even fish oil. One particular jar is believed to be valuable and rare.

The limestone plaque had inscribed on its body the word, "este" which means "east" in Spanish.

The two men are likely to face charges of "crimes against historical heritage" as well as acquisition or possession of objects of doubtful or illegal origin.

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