8 best countries for Nigerian to migrate or relocate to

Immigration: Influx of Nigerian asylum seekers into Nigeria
Emeh Joy

Do you wish to travel abroad, to relocate for greener pastures? Here are up to 10 countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria. Lots of people have left Nigeria for greener pastures and better opportunities while some are still making plans on how to migrate.

Data has shown that Nigerians make up the largest population of the increasing outflow of migrants from the African continent to developed countries. In 2016 alone, about 20,000 people reported to have been involved in the Mediterranean Sea crossing were Nigerians.

Also, within the span of 2 years (2017 to 2019), quite many Nigerians were reported to have been deported from different countries like South Africa, Libya, and Italy. Indeed these journeys are risky, but the emigrants somehow believe that their success stories are tied to their ability to travel abroad.

Most aspiring migrants do have genuine reasons for wishing to travel. Some are for business reasons; some are for academic purposes; some are in search of jobs while some seek to live better lives away from the hassles and stress of home.

Irrespective of your reason for emigrating, you will find this article helpful as it would give you the best option of countries that are easier and ideal for Nigerians to migrate to and settle in quite easily.

1. Canada

The first in our list of top 8 countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Canada. Canada's official language include English and French. Recently, Canada ranks high in the Nigerians emigrants' radar as many Nigerian citizens seem to have fallen in love with the country.

Toronto in Canada is one of the most famous places for students to study

Canada is the second-largest country. It is the second in the world after Russia and is home to about 37 million people.

Canada has made it easier for skilled immigrants, especially to gain entrance into their country. As a Nigerian with relevant skills, academic qualifications, and job qualifications, there are different ways you can gain access to Canada.

You can go through the provincial nomination system or via then federal express entry migration system. Another way is by securing a Canadian job with a Canadian employer.

It would be easier for you to get a permanent residency if you obtained your high school and college certificate in the English Language and if you have a master's degree.

Canada also supports migration with family just in case you want to leave with your wife and children or parents and siblings. Obtaining Canadian citizenship takes about three years.

Canada ranks highest in this list as it offers high-quality education as well as high-quality of living. It also provides its citizens with essential healthcare services.

2. Switzerland

The second t in our list of top 8 countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Switzerland.

Official languages spoken in Switzerland include French, German, Romansh, and Italian. When it comes to beautiful countries in Europe, Switzerland is one of them. The quality of life in the country is good, and it also has a low rate of unemployment.

Zurich, the contemporary city of Switzerland

About 8.5 million people are living in Switzerland. As the country has four official languages, you are expected to be fluent in at least one of the languages.

You won't compare the economy in Switzerland to that of Nigeria as it is way better than that of Nigeria. However, you should know it takes up to 10 years to earn citizenship for Switzerland.

You might want to add Switzerland to your list of possible countries to migrate to.

3. Australia

The number third in our list of top 8 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Australia. Australia has been cited as one of the best countries one can migrate to as a Nigerian.

Regardless of the distance, the country offers quality life to all, irrespective of race or religious background.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is home to about 24 million people and is known to have slightly harsh weather conditions. This has placed the country at some disadvantage as it lacks in certain aspects like skilled labour.

This is more reason why the country, just like Canada, is continuously seeking skilled labour from different parts of the world to fill up vacant slots in workplaces.

Although lately, they have tightened up their borders, especially with the high price in processing their visa, they still record a high influx of immigrants from different parts of the world (Nigeria included).

Australia is open to you so long as what you seek to do is legal and is one that will help the growth of the country. You have boundless opportunities open to you here.

4. Poland

The number fourth in our list of top 8 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Poland. Poland is a great country as it offers excellent opportunities for survival. The country offers great economic benefits alongside other benefits.

Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland

The country has a rich culture and encourages diversity amongst dwellers. There are exciting outdoor activities for you here, and if you love hiking, Poland is an excellent place for that.

Poland is listed here because it is budget-friendly. Their local currency is called the Polish Zloty and is currently at the conversion rate of 0.25 per U.S dollar.

Your daily budget would be at about 25-35 dollars, as it would cost you about 5-10 dollars for your meals per day. Depending on the type of work you do, you could earn about 150 to 300 dollars a day, which should be enough to take care of your expenses.

5. Singapore

Singapore speaks the following languages- English, Mandarin Chinese, Standard Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay.

Chinatown, once an enclave for Singapore's Chinese immigrant population

The country is an Island and regarded as one of the global financial centres of the Asian continent, even though it has only a small population of not more than 6 million.

The quality of living in Singapore is high, as it is ranked the 5th in the human development index. It is a good choice of country, as they welcome immigrants. However, you will need an employment permit to get started here, and attaining citizenship could take as much as ten years.

If you are in for business and would want to set up a company of your own, you can initiate your startup and then get an entry pass to start living in the country.

6. Germany

The number sixth in our list of top 8 best easy countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Germany.

Germany is a top European country and a dream country for most migrants who want to move to Europe. However, one can't really say it is easy to get a visa to Europe especially Germany.

Turks in Germany

The country is quite populated with as much as 80 million people but not more populated than Nigeria. There is a minimal language barrier as they speak the German Deutsch. In order to fit in, you might want to learn some basics of their language.

When it comes to development, you can't compare them to most of the countries listed here as they are far ahead. With its robust economy, it offers a high standard of living. It is a good place for someone that wants to have a good life.

Suppose you are a professional such as a doctor, nurse, engineer, etc. Germany is an excellent option for you. Also, people that have skills or are tech guru are welcomed to work and live the dream life in Germany.

7. Hungary

Budapest, a major city in Hungary

Are you seeking for European countries that you can quickly get their visa from Nigeria? You should try Hungary. Hungary is not just "some European country" but one of the places to be in Europe.

You must have heard of Budapest, one of it's most popular cities. It is also an affordable place to live in. You might want to check out other cities like Drebecen. They might not be as exotic as Budapest, but they sure do offer cheaper feeding and accommodation.

The local Hungarian currency is called the Hungarian Forint. With about 15 dollars, your meal for the day is sorted. Accommodation per night could take you about 20 to 25 dollars. This means as a new migrant; you should budget about 35 to 50 dollars per day.

8. Slovakia

Banska Bystrica, a central city in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country in the European continent which shares borders with Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Austria. They use Euros as their local currency.

It is known to have mountainous areas with a small population of about 5 million people. Its capital city is called Bratislava and has any architectural and museum centres to explore.

Slovakia is a good place to run wine and beer business as they have these in abundance. You should check out this county if you are looking or cheap, easy-to migrate European countries.

If you are good with budget and managing your expenditure, it wouldn't exceed about 40 dollars per day (feeding plus accommodation).

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