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History: Ahmadu Bello on the Igbos

Franklin Izuchukwu
By Franklin Izuchukwu

Only two trends have stalled the progress of this nation; Religion and tribalism, the two are intertwined.

Almost every transaction in Nigeria is done with the sentiment. The above video shows that the hostility between the North and south or specifically between the Igbos and Hausa-Fulani tribe existed long before independence and immediately after.

Both parties are guilty in one way or another, but the major problem lies in the fact that the government pretends that unity exists in a country of over 250 tribes. An actual federal system could have helped in one way or another, but the leaders have chosen not to heed the cries and demand of the people.

A nation is often seen as an entity bounded by a common boundary and interest. Nigeria is not a Nation and can never be, Its neither bound by a common religion like Ghana, Saudi Arabia and some European countries nor is it bound by a common tribe, so tell me why there won't be hostility.

The Igbo man believes himself to be of a superior ethnicity; which is as dangerous as white supremacy, Hausa-Fulani also believes the Igbos love money and will always seek to dominate them if given a chance.

When Goodluck Jonathan was in power, he appointed people of the same tribe or religion. The same cycle is repeating itself within the Buhari administration.

The above instance is not healthy for the country. It starves the MDAs of talent and merit, when such happens it delves into mismanagement, lack of check and balance even anarchy. Funds meant for public consumption and services will be looted year after year to the detriment of the common man ( of all tribes in the country).

Recently Nepotism is the order of the day; the above video shows how such archaic mentality started.

The civil war was not the cause of this hostility, it was a symptom.

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