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Did a Pornhub banner actually appear on CNN's 'Magic Wall'?

Emeh Joy

Hilarious footage has gone viral online which appears to show a Pornhub logo pop up on a map showing how the voting is going in Pennsylvania on CNN.

The video which was shared without sound showed Wolf Blitzer in the studio talking about the endless counting of electoral votes in the state of Pennsylvania which is in fact, a major battleground state.

Anchor John King who stood next to the big interactive screen then notices notification of the x-rated Pornhub logo appear suddenly on the monitor.

He hurriedly closed down the tab which showed up the Pornhub logo and turned to the camera with surprised look on his face.

The funny clip of Pornhub notification popping up on CNN has been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter. However, many people have pointed out that it is fake.

Some Twitter users took it upon themselves to post the original CNN video which they said was edited to show up the Pornhub logo notification.

A clip of the original CNN video that must have been edited to show up the Pornhub logo notification

Even though it is very much likely unreal, some other people have hailed it to be the highlight of the U.S. election so far.

Others like Hannah Jane Parkinson, a writer at The Guardian didn't seem to find the CNN Pornhub saga funny. "Imagine being so dumb that you believed the CNN Porhnhub thing", she tweeted.

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