ECOWAS calls for dialogue to settle EndSARS dispute

ECOWAS calls for the settling of EndSARS dispute.
Ernest Sunday

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria and EndSARS protesters to use dialogue and settle the EndSARS dispute.

The Directorate of Communications of ECOWAS disclosed the call for settlement in a statement in Abuja.

The commission commended the youth for taking up their right to protest but urged them to protest in a non-violent manner and remain peaceful while protesting.

The commission also urged Nigerian security personnel to control their violent way of handling protesters.

“While the ECOWAS Commission recognises the right of citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and protests, it also wishes to stress that those rights should be exercised in a non-violent manner," ECOWAS Commission said.

“In this regard, the ECOWAS Commission calls on all protesters to remain peaceful in the conduct of their demonstrations. It also urges the Nigerian security operatives to exercise restraint in the handling of the protests and act professionally.

“ECOWAS Commission further notes that to address the demands of the protesting youths, the Federal Government of Nigeria took important decisions regarding disbandment of SARS, comprehensive police reforms and investigation of cases of police brutality".

The commission added that the Nigerian government and youth should look for a way of dialogue to settle the issues with the government.

“Finally, the ECOWAS Commission appeals to the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Nigerian youths, and the civil society to urgently pursue dialogue for an early and amicable resolution of this social unrest, " the commission added.

“And maintain the Nigerian image as a bastion of law and order."

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