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Trump is a cry baby; they are one with the agenda to conquer the world - Julius Malema

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Julius Sello Malema has reacted to the United States election, describing Donald Trump as a cry baby. For him, Donald Trump should just accept defeat if he is defeated, and even Joe Biden should do the same if he was defeated.

Julius Malema said that they are not interested in the outcome of the United States Election as they are all one with one motive to make America great again and conquer the rest of the world.

Julius Sello Malema is a South African politician and activist who is a Member of Parliament and the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

The Economic Freedom Fighters is a South African political party which Julius Malema founded in July 2013.

Julius went on to compare the United States, a first-world nation to Africa, where election rigging is the norms of the day. According to him, it is a cause for concern if the first World nations are also involved in election rigging and corruption, as that means that democracy will soon be gone.

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