Late Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon accused of sexual harassment

The late Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon who has been accused of sexual harassment
Emeh Joy

A former secretary to the late mayor of Seoul - who apparently committed suicide last week, has accused him of sexually harassing her for four years.

Park Won-soon was regarded as one of the most influential leaders in South Korea and was even considered a possible candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

News last week reported that his body was found dead in the woods. This was after a note to his family was found. His funeral rites commenced on Monday.

He was found dead just a day after the secretary made a police complaint about his sexual misconduct. Not less than 500,000 people have signed a petition saying that his state-run-five-day funeral should be discontinued.

During a news conference on Monday, lawyers for the alleged victim stated that the mayor sexually harassed her for four years.

According to the secretary, the mayor sent her pictures of himself in his underwear and called her into the bedroom in his office and requested that she hugged him. She said she sought help from the Seoul City Hall but got abused. The abuse, she said, didn't stop even when she changed departments.

"I should have reported this in the beginning. I wonder if had, I wouldn't be blaming myself now", the alleged victim wrote in a letter which was read at the news conference.

She said after complaining o the police, she was "questioned all night" and was even shocked to learn of her former's boss's death.

"The word- death, was something I could not have spoken of even during my hardest times. It was truly so disappointing, and I still do not want to believe it.

"I wish the dead goodwill," she said.

Mourners at the funeral of the late Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon on Monday

Park reportedly left a not for his family before his suicide, which was publicly released after his death.

The petition on the South Korean presidential website where people regularly start campaigns have been signed over 500,000 times, and it asked:

"Do the people need to watch a fancy five-day funeral for a famous politician whose sexual harassment allegation led to his suicide. What kind of message does that send to the people?"

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