Lebanese govt officials resigning amid riots following Beirut bomb blast

Protesters in the Beirut city of Lebanon
Ernest Sunday

It looks like the entire Lebanon government officials are on the run as riots continue to go on in the street of Beirut due to the horrific bomb blast that claimed thousand of lives in the country.

After a few days of the terrific bomb blast in the Beirut city of Lebanon, which took the life over 160 people and injured up to 6,000 people, riots have sparkled in the whole street of Beirut city, claiming that the government officials are behind the deadly incident.

Lebanese citizens protesting in the streets of Beirut city

The citizens of Lebanon believe, the corruption and carelessness of the government caused the blast, which rendered over 300,000 people homeless.

The Lebanese government ministers are beginning to resign as the riots continue to be intense after it was revealed that the officials, including the Lebanese President Michael Aoun, knew about the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that led to the blast.

Protesters accuse the Lebanon government over Beirut bomb blast

According to reports, the ammonium nitrate was seized from a ship that was owned by a Russian businessman who had gone bankrupt years back.

Several ministers have already stepped down with more on the verge of stepping down as the government had promised to find the people responsible for the act and have them put behind bars.

The ministers who have resigned include Justice minister Marie-Claude Najms, information minister Manal Abdel-Samad, finance minister Ghazi Wazni, defense minister, and deputy PM Zeina Akar, and environment minister Damianos Kattar.

The environment minister Kattar criticized the government calling the system as "flaccid and sterile," while Abdel-Samad said the government had let the people down.

However, Lebanese MPs Paula Yacoubian and Samy Gemayel resigned, with a latter confirming two other colleagues from his Kataeb party had also quit.

Yacoubian has called for the entire Lebanese government to resign - and said it was her "duty" to step down over the failures that led to the explosion

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