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Nigeria set to ban Twitter, demands $1 billion compensation from Jack Dorsey

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Nigeria government is set to take on the Twitter company, and it's owner Jack Dorsey at the international court. It is demanding the sum of 1 billion U.S dollars in compensation for all damages in the country.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the Twitter company, is accused of propagating the #endsars protest in Nigeria using his platform and even opened up a bitcoin account soliciting for donations to support the campaign in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government is not happy about this. It is about to take legal actions against the American Company, in which it labels as a criminal act and against the law.

Nigeria demands 1 billion US dollars from Jack Dorsey.

Nigeria is adamant and has accused Jack Dorsey as the sole leader of the endsars campaign in the country, as such, demands the sum of $1 billion in compensation for all damages incurred so far in the protest.

Nigeria set to ban Twitter across the nation.

The Nigerian government also looks set to ban Twitter across the nation, at least for the foreseeable time until the unrest in the country gets solved.

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