Umahi apologises to EndSARS protesters, imposes 24-hour curfew in Ebonyi

The governor of Ebonyi State David Umahi has apologised to EndSARS protesters for the failure of the leaders in Nigeria
Ernest Sunday

Governor of Ebonyi State David Umahi has apologised for the brutality caused by Nigerian security officers on peaceful EndSARS protesters and imposed a 24-hour curfew in Ebonyi starting from 7:00 pm.

Umahi made the curfew declaration in a state broadcast on Wednesday after several attacks by hoodlums who destroyed some government and private owned properties.

He said that the hoodlums are hired thugs outside Ebonyi state who wants to turn the peaceful EndSARS protest into violence.

According to Umahi, the peaceful protest carried out earlier before the destruction will help Nigeria leaders to make amend of where they have done wrong.

He further apologised to the youth in any area they have failed as leaders.

“These hoodlums and cultists are not Ebonyi people but came from outside because they do not wish us well.

“Security agencies in the state have sustained injuries from the attacks of these hoodlums and have exercised great patience and wisdom in handling the issue at stake,” he said.

“I have, therefore, noticed with sadness, how peaceful protests in Ebonyi have been hijacked by hoodlums who came from outside into our very peaceful state.

“We, leaders, did not see anything wrong in the demands of our young children, but, unfortunately, they have been infiltrated by hoodlums who burn the property of innocent citizens.

“Government vehicles and infrastructure have come under severe destruction, and this is regrettable,” he added.

“I will continue to say that the peaceful protesters have their legitimate demands, and I offer my apologies for many areas we leaders have failed our young children.

“We believed that the success of the END SARS protest would make leaders make amends where necessary,” he said.

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