Ankara Gucci aka Cute Abiola Biography: Age, Comedy & Net worth

Franklin Izuchukwu

Comedian and entertainer, Cute Abiola, is known for his unique way of doing comedy on Instagram, here is a biography and story of Cute Abiola's comedy career path, family, net worth, age, pictures and rise to fame.

Who is Cute Abiola aka Gucci Ankara?

Abdulgafar Abiola Oluwatoyin popularly known by his stage name Cute Abiola or Ankara Gucci is a Nigerian comedian, content creator and social media sensation.

He is also a Naval officer in the Nigeria Navy. It is safe to say that Cute Abiola has carved a niche for himself in the competitive comedy industry.

Early life, State of Origin, age, family and background of Cute Abiola

Cute Abiola was born on the 28th of April, 1996 in Ilorin, Kwara State, which is located in the North Central part of Nigeria. Speaking to Saturday Beats, Cute Abiola revealed that he spent 18 of his formative years in Illorin with his family.

According to Cute Abiola he loves his parents and tags them as his source of inspiration.

it was never 'All-roses' as a newcomer; Cute Abiola did his very best to carve a niche for himself.

Gucci Ankara 'Cute Abiola' Rise to Fame

Cute Abiola started his comedy skits in secondary school, according to him, he didn't feel the need to take it seriously; rather, he pursued it as fun. Cute Abiola's first stage performance was around 2009/2010.

It was never 'All-roses' as a newcomer in one of the most competitive sectors in Nigeria; he did his very best to carve a niche for himself. Social media contributed immensely to his popularity in 2015.

Cute Abiola's first stage performance was around 2009/2010, he was unable to secure help thus he created social media accounts and started making 15-seconds videos, which he shared across his social media handles.

He came to limelight after he made a video to support Big Brother Naija’s contestant Bisola; this earned her huge followership.

Cute Abiola once said; "It took me two years before I gained fame. I did a video to support Bisola while she was in the Big Brother House and that was how it got reposted by her handlers; I got a lot of followers through that video.”

Cute Abiola once stated his first payment as a comedian was N10,000 in 2016. Speaking to Saturday Beats, the 23-year-old noted that his mother’s character inspired most of his skits.

“I imitate my parents a lot in my skits, the way I dress in my skits is the exact way my mum looks in the house. I got the accent I use in my skits from them; I stayed in Ilorin for 18 years.

My parents talk like real Ilorin people; my father is an extremely funny man. I usually pick some punch lines from them to shoot my skits.

My mum taught me how to tie headgear. I love my parents so much; if I were not into comedy, I would be selling fabrics like my parents; it’s a profitable business for them. I pray I get married to a wife like my mum......."

The comic actor also draws inspiration from trends on social media, issues and happenings in the society.

The Ilorin-born comedian also revealed how he used to be frustrated at the initial stage when he started making skits. He said;

“I used to cry when I started doing video skits because I felt I was not getting enough fame when I was doing it continuously."

But I was not discouraged, even when some of my extended family members said I was wasting my time by doing skits instead of reading my books."

Cute Abiola joined the Nigerian Navy in 2018, the Comedian described the move as a bit of distraction from his Comedy profession, though he was able to strike a balance between the two professions.

The young talented comedian plans to establish a Fuji band and start a movie project.

Cute Abiola and Controversy

Cute Abiola was apprehended for wearing an army uniform to celebrate his birthday on social media. The 24 years old comedian was reportedly arrested on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, in Lagos.

His arrest was confirmed by his colleague in the comedy industry, Keshiro Adepelumi, on her Instagram handle. Cute Abiola reportedly was set to face a Nigerian Navy panel on Monday, 4th May 2020.

Cute Abiola was apprehended for wearing an army uniform to celebrate his birthday on social media.

Cute Abiola’s Relationship

The comedian is in a serious relationship. According to him, there’s a likelihood that he’ll be married soon. As the only child of his mother, he will be starting his own family as his mum wants him to settle down on time.

Cute Abiola’s Net Worth

Talking about his income and expenditures, Cute Abiola once divulged he spends at least N15,000 monthly while raking 5000,000 monthly. This was around January 2019.

Ankara Gucci is estimated to have a net worth of over $50,000 dollars,

Social Media Profile

Cute Abiola uses social media extensively thus to view and follow his updates you can follow him on Twitter using @thecuteabiola and on Instagram using @thecuteabiola.