Erling Haaland: 18 interesting facts about Manchester City's new striker

In light of Erling Haaland's transfer to Manchester City, Clacified goes into never-before-known facts about the Norwegian.

Haaland to Manchester City? "Done deal." Following the Cityzens' paperwork completion for the acquisition of football’s hottest young prospect, Clacified has compiled 18 little-known unknown about the Norwegian golden boy.

1. An Englishman

This is certain to anger Three Lions supporters, but Manchester City striker, Erling Haaland, was born in Leeds, England, 21 years ago, where his father, Alf-Inge Haaland, was under contract at the time. 

This means that the young striker could have gone on to bag goals for England had he not chosen Norway, where he made his international debut in September 2019.

2. A devout Salah supporter

Haaland sometimes unpacks the Buddha celebration after scoring, a celebration popularised by Liverpool's Egyptian superstar forward, Mo Salah.

3. Comes from a family of sporting pedigree

Alf-Inge, who made 181 Premier League appearances, is not the only renowned athlete in the Haaland family; Gry Marita, Erling's mother, was the Norwegian heptathlon champion at one point.

4. A world record-holder at five

In relation to football, Manchester City's new point man was also proficient in other sports. International Age Records reports that the Norwegian's standing-start jump of 1.63 metres when he was five years old is still the unofficial record for this age group.

5. Idolises Zlatan

Erling Haaland has a larger-than-life soccer role model in Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who once played for City's neighbouring rivals. 

Because he was so inspired by the Swedish superstar and believed that "someone must become Ibrahimovic's successor in Scandinavia," he modelled his game after his.

6. Nickname is Manchild

The Manchester City striker earned the moniker "Manchild" during his tenure with Molde FK in his native Norway. Haaland was one of the tallest players on the field at 1.93 metres, yet he maintained an almost childish disposition, which presumably prompted his comrades at the time to give him the aforementioned epithet.

7. Favorite song = UCL Anthem

The Champions League song arouses the expectations of every football fan, and the piece is also popular among players, such as Erling Haaland.

The Manchester City striker has said that the hymn is his favourite tune, which is ironic given his new club are yet to win it after numerous attempts . 

Interestingly, he also uses the tune as an alarm clock, stating, "It's the one tune I never tire of."

8. Imitates Ronaldo's weight loss regimen

Off the field, Haaland is more loyal to Cristiano Ronaldo than Zlatan Ibrahimovic. According to the father of the tempest diamond, Erling is attempting to follow the same diet as "CR7." 

In practice, this entails consuming a great deal of chicken and still water, while carbonated beverages are forbidden.

When both strikers face off in the Manchester derby next season, the Manchester City star will need to establish his value.

9. Once rejected in Germany

Haaland could have been in German football as early as 2016 when TSG Hoffenheim asked him to trials. He was so impressive that Hoffenheim also desired to retain the forward. 

However, Haaland wanted 5,000 euros per month, whereas TSG were only willing to pay 2,000 euros. As a result, the agreement failed in light of the company's wage expectations.

10. Is lightning quick

In conjunction with his finishing ability, Haaland's biggest weapon is likely his pace. When the Norwegian sprints, he is really quick.

How quick? Rapid enough to make the world's best 60-meter sprinter, Christian Coleman, fear for his record.

In a Champions League encounter for Dortmund against PSG in February 2020, the new Manchester City signing ran the same distance in 6.64 seconds, only 0.3 seconds behind Coleman's world record of 6.34 seconds.

However, Haaland had an unfair advantage since he did not begin the race from a standing start.

11. Wasn't always huge

Erling Haaland's eventual emergence as a physically imposing and productive striker was not foreseen for a lengthy period of time. When he made his youth debut for the Norwegian top-tier team Bryne FK, he was rather short and skinny.

As a result, he was unable to accomplish much against his mostly bigger and stronger opponents and was forced to compromise with quickness and ball control.

However in a short burst, Haaland grew an astounding 17 centimetres in only two years and was suddenly 1.93 metres tall to go with his superb finishing - hardly the worst of requirements for an amazing striker.

12. First emerged as a winger

Haaland made his professional debut with the Norwegian club Bryne FK at the age of 15. Since he was not the muscular centre forward he is now, the then scrawny and tiny Norwegian was assigned to the wings.

13. Lives up to his literal name

When Haaland arrived in Salzburg from Molde, he was a rough diamond, but also a prince, literally. Erling is a Norwegian name that translates as "son of a nobleman m" or "prince" in the context of a royal heir.

14. Scored nine World Cup goals in single game

This is no news, but in May of 2019, at the FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland, the Manchester City striker scored an almost unbelievable nine goals in a 12-0 victory against Honduras.

He opened the scoring in the seventh minute and ended the rout in the 90th. Obviously, this holds the record for most in the competition.

15. Cost only 60 million euros

At least in terms of transfer costs, Haaland's move from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City this summer will be reasonably inexpensive. A release clause that went into effect in July 2021 permits the striker to depart Dortmund for only €60 million, far below his market value.

16. A taciturn

Haaland prefers the ball to speak than his own words.The 20-year-old prefers to be typically Scandinavian in interviews: reticent and exceedingly dry.

17. Youngest recipient of Footballer of the Year award 

Before heading to Dortmund, the Norwegian was voted the 2019 Austrian Footballer of the Year, and as was fitting for Haaland, he established a record there.

This award has never been given to a player younger than the Manchester City-bound striker, who was a month younger than David Alaba, who won it in 2011 at the same age.

18. Once autographed UCL referee's cards 

In April 2021, Octavian Sovre made headlines after asking for an autograph from Erling Haaland during a Champions League quarterfinal match.

The referee was so keen on the youngster's autograph that he sought to have his yellow and red cards imprinted with the signatures.

This incident occurred in the first leg of Dortmund's match versus Erling Haaland's current employer, Manchester City.