The power of the tongue

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday
A man bringing lot of words fron his mouth

The tongue is one the crucial part of the human body; it always helps us to make a speech or say anything we want to say. God designed it for us to use it and bring blessings and success to ourselves and that of our children (generations), but we make use of this tongue wrongly most times instead of using it for its real purpose.

Misuse of the tongue

Often we have misused our tongue to bring a curse to ourselves and other people instead of using it right to bring blessings and success upon ourselves and people around us.

I remember during my school days when I was caring out my Industrial Training Scheme (IT), we were meant to submit our account number for receiving of our Industrial training salaries from the Federal Government. I told my friends that I do not care if they were going to pay us or not. When the time for the payment reached, my friends received their salaries while I never did all because of what I said, misusing my tongue. Then I said to myself if I had known I would have prayed for the salary to be increased instead of using my mouth to block the blessing that I was meant to receive.

Most times, our parents have used their mouth to bring a curse to us that no matter what we do, we will never be successful. You see a father telling his son "It shall not be well with you", then in years later his son will spend years struggling without being successful all because of the curse (with his tongue) laid on him by his father.

People have gone to different pastors and prophets to seek prayers just to be successful, and all they could hear is that the problem they are facing is because of the curse from their father or mother. Then I start to ask parents why not use the same mouth you are using to bring a curse to your children and others to bless them instead?

In the olden days in African culture, most especially Nigerian culture, when a child wants to leave his city or country in search of greener pasture, his or her parents would pray for him/her. At the same time, he/she kneels to receive the blessings from the power of speech (use of tongue) coming from his/her parents.

But in our new generation is always a different case, a father will stand and use his mouth to curse his child all because of anger.

Our own words have blocked the good things that God has designed for us to benefit. Have we ever asked ourselves how many times we have used our mouth (tongue) to divert the blessings we are meant to receive? I guess we have never done that.

I remember a woman saying instead of giving birth to a child as stubborn as this one here, I would instead not give birth at all, without thinking of what she said. Years later, when she got married, she sought for a child but could not bear any. She could go to prayers from one place to another, from one pastor to another but to no avail.

She cried that God had decided to make her barren without remembering when she used her tongue to bring the curse upon herself. The lord has never created a woman to be infertile, in the Bible, the only barren case recorded was that of Michal daughter of Saul and that was for calling the maids of king David who was celebrating the return of the ark of God useless fellows. God became angry with her, and till then she remained barren till death (2 Samuel 6:23).

Remedy and solution

Having known all these, we have to be mindful of what we say with our mouth; we have to make use of our tongue properly. Proverbs 12:18 says that there is one whose words are like thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. This means that you can change your world and entire life by making use of your tongue wisely (probably to bless not curse).

The same book of proverbs (12:23) says that whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. Therefore for us to embrace the beautiful things and success God has designed for us, we have to be careful and mindful of what we use our mouth to say, so that we will not block our blessing and success.

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