CAN appreciates Kaduna Government for reopening worship centres

Rev John Joseph, CAN Chairman
Tochi Juliet

The Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State chapter, has hailed Kaduna Government for reopening churches after a long break due to coronavirus.

In a statement on Wednesday, Chairman CAN, Kaduna State, Rev John Joseph Hayab said, "We know that people have stayed under restrictions for about 75 days.

"During the period, many experienced hardships, but it should not be a regrettable experience because it helped to reduce the number of persons infected, and we recorded a lower death rate in our dear state.

Rev. Joseph Hayab, who is also the Vice President CAN in Nigeria, also expressed thanks to all those who obeyed government and health professionals' guidelines to help stop the spread of the virus during the 75 days lockdown.

Now that we have been allowed to resume partial normal life activities, especially resuming church gatherings, CAN Kaduna State appeals to all faithful and the general public to show good and godly examples.

The Bible says 'let our light shine that all may see and give glory to God'.

Accordingly, our people should not be carried away with the joy of lifting the restriction of movement and totally forget health matters, for it is when there is a life that we can worship and do our businesses."

CAN also urge churches to obey the guidelines and directives from NCDC.

"CAN is, therefore, calling on all Pastors and Church Elders to give godly and wise leadership at this delicate time. Churches must continue to observe all protocols and guidelines that have been laid down by the Government and NCDC.

All worshippers should come with their face mask on during worship services. Churches should help to provide face mask for those who do not have and cannot afford.

Adequate provision of hand sanitizers or handwashing materials should be made available in our homes and churches during our worship services.

We should maintain proper hygiene at all times and observe physical distancing in our seating arrangements. Worshippers are to seat two meters away from one another.

Let's make good use of our members who are medical workers for proper use of Infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of every worshipper.

Our Governor has challenged us to take personal responsibility. Therefore CAN also appeal to all to make this personal responsibility challenge seriously.

Together we will stop the spread of this virus and eventually defeat the virus. We must continue to offer prayers for those who are infected by the virus and those in the frontline, who work day and night because of the pandemic."

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