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Interesting: Pastor Adeboye shares personal story from 1956

General Overseer RCCG, Pastor Enoch A.  shares story from 1956  when he was poor
Tochi Juliet

The popular Nigerian pastor and the founder of Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor EA Adeboye recently took to his social media page to share a funny-interesting story of what happened in 1956 when he was poor.

The RCCG General Overseer revealed that he was living with his uncle in 1956, and it was a time when they had to share everything because there was barely enough to go round.

Pastor Adeboye constructed the story in such a way that it may sound funny to the listeners, but in no doubt, it is an interesting one that teaches lots of morals.

The story goes thus:

''Years ago, I think it was in 1956, I was living with my poor uncle, but I was poorer. If he had anything, we shared, and when there is nothing, there is nothing.

There was this day we were starving, and there was no way food could come at all. Suddenly, a young girl came and said, “My sister said I should give you this pounded yam, vegetable and chicken.”

My uncle said “I don’t know your sister. Are you sure”? The girl insisted so we took the food and my uncle said he would look for a gift to give her some other time and she left.

As soon as she left, we descended on the pounded yam, and as soon as we finished it, the girl came back and said the food was not for him."

He ended it with a declarative prayer, " I decree to you today, the miracle you don’t deserve, the Lord will send it to you this week."

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