Nigeria at the verge of total collapse – Catholic Bishops

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)  has said Nigeria is at the verge of total collapse
Tochi Juliet

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) has lamented about the deplorable state of the nation.

The CBNC wondered how Nigerians could conveniently celebrate the 60th independence anniversary amidst massive borrowings with colossal interest to be paid back.

In an address by CBNC president, Most Rev. Augustine O. Akubeze, Archbishop of Benin City, the Catholic Bishops said the rate of unemployment is growing.

There seems to be no clear plan to fix the economy as well as help the private sector to grow so that many of our youths can be employed.

“Nigerians from almost all geographical regions seem to agree that we need to start working on restructuring.

The present political party leading Nigeria (APC), campaigned to attend to the issue of restructuring, sharing of resources, and a constitutional amendment if Nigerians voted them into power. 

It is somewhat regrettable that the Federal Government of Nigeria has not kept to its electoral promises.

State Governors, Senators, Federal House of Representative Members must all work towards ensuring restructuring of Nigeria. Nigeria is almost at the verge of total collapse.”

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Mattew Kukah equally said that he was not a happy Nigerian; however, he remains hopeful.

"I think even the most optimistic Nigerian must conceive that we are nowhere near coming to define the real sense of democracy.

"Beyond just going through the process of cycles of an election, we have a very serious problem with recruitment methods", Bishop Kukah said.

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