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Video footage of Prophet Suleiman's prophecy on the United States election

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Prophetic video footage of Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Nigeria has come online where the pastor claimed that Donald Trump would lose the United States election, but Joe Biden is to be scapegoated.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by Reno Omokiri, a social media influencer and political activist in Nigeria.

According to Apostle Johnson Suleiman, He had a prophetic revelation from God. He was informed that Donald Trump will lose the United States election and that the Vice President of the emerging winner would be a Lady.

Today, that revelation has come to pass as Joe Biden has been declared the winner and the 46th president of the United States. Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election by 290 votes to Donald Trumps 214 votes.

It is to been seen if the last part of Apostle Johnson Suleman's prophetic revelation will come to pass too. According to Suleman, Joe Biden will be left shamed at the end, because of his Vice President Harris who is a lady and who is the first woman to emerge the Vice president of the United States.

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