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Sports betting: Important facts and tips to consider before betting

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

Freelance sports writer with great passion for football, Academic content writer and Lifestyle Blogger

Betting tips: Things to know before betting

You might be asking the questions such as what is betting? How and where do I start betting? Will I succeed betting, or will I lose all my money betting? You are not alone, as many ask these questions daily.

Clacified is here to answer some of these questions and make you understand all you need to know about betting. Betting is gambling. It either favours you or wrecks you.

The golden rule is that you should only stake what you are willing to lose. Never use your life savings to stake odds; it could end in tears. Everyone desires to have multiple sources of income, which is very great but be careful not to get drowned in the mud.

1. What is Betting?

Betting is the process of predicting the results of events while placing money on the outcome to make more money than what you staked on such events.

One can bet on different activities such as sports, an argument between two persons or more. Sports betting is popular among sports lovers.

One can carry out betting on various online platforms. These betting platforms have multiple sports and tournaments that one can stake on, such as Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Handball, Volleyball, Boxing, Cricket and many others.

The amount of money you can use to stake games depends on the betting platform you are using. There are millions of betting platforms worldwide where you can bet your games and win successfully.

Some of the significant betting platforms include Bet365, Bet9Ja, Betway, BetKing, 1xbet, Bovada, 888Sport, PaddyPower, Betfair, VictorBet, petition, Sportybet, Bwin, Marathonbet, bet360 and many others.

If you are in Nigeria or within Africa, check our list of the top 10 sports betting platforms around you.

2. General eligibility requirements for most betting platforms

Generally, most betting platforms requires that individuals interested in betting on their platforms must be 18 years and above and must have read the platform's terms and conditions.

This requirement is understandable as betting should not be accessible to kids due to the risk involved. Individuals wanting to stake their money on sports activities must be fully accountable for their actions and understand their risks.

Betting/Staking on sports games can be done online or by visiting a betting shop around you

3. Things to consider before Betting

As a beginner in any betting platform, there are certain factors you need to consider before putting in your money. You should consider these factors and fully understand them before staking on games.

Some of these betting prediction websites include Soccervista, Forbet, Betensured, PredictZ, Tips180, Eaglepredict, Fulltime-Predict and many others.

Even though all these websites for betting tips exist, their predictions are not 100% accurate. Every website for betting tips give you their predictions, but it is left for you to choose the games you want to play.

To choose your games from all these prediction websites, the things to look out for are as follows:

  1. Match statistics: For you to choose a particular game to stake, you have to look at the statistics of the two opponents, including how in-form both teams are, the head to head (H2H) of the two teams, which contains the results of their previous games; at least their last three meetings. You also have to consider their last five matches to check how well they have played in the statistics.
  2. Scoring/defending ability: When choosing a team to win a match, you have to consider how many goals the team can score in a game by looking back at their previous matches. You also have to consider team defensive ability, how many goals they use to concede in a single match.
  3. Team news or update about the match in hand: In sports, there is always a pre-match conference or interview where coaches update the available squad for a particular match, listing the names of the provisional squad for each match and players that are injured. From these pre-match conferences, you can check how strong each team are going into a particular match.
  4. Next-match statistics: Before betting on any game, you have to consider the next match a team will play if it is more important to them than the game in hand. Sometimes coaches forfeit a particular match, feeding in a less strong squad or second elven in football terms due to how important the next game is for them.
  5. Home advantage: It is believed in sports that in each match, a home team always has an advantage over the away team, assuming that they know their pitch more than any visitor on the pitch. This home advantage gives a home team more edges than the visiting team, so you have to consider that.
  6. Choosing small odds/ big odds for lesser/higher risk: When choosing big odds in a game, you have to understand how risky the game might be, sometimes; you can get big odds with a lower risk of losing, but it believed that most big odds have a higher risk of losing than winning while small odds have a lesser risk of losing

4. The Power of H Win/A Win and DNB in Football Betting

Betting has so many features that you can pick to win in a particular match. There are some situation where you are unclear if a specific team can beat its opponent, that is where H Win/A Win and DNB comes into play.

  1. H Win either half: In the football betting feature, H Wins either half means the home team to win on either the first half or second half of the game. Here if it is unclear if a home team can beat its visitor, it is safer to choose either half of the 45 minutes for them to win.
  2. A win either half - In betting, A win either half means that the visitor can win either the first half or second half of a game. If you doubt if an away team can win a match, it is advisable to choose the team to win either the first or second half of the game.
  3. DNB: In betting, DNB means whenever a team you favoured to win a match draws, the game will be removed from the list of your bettings.

There are hundreds of features in every betting platform

5. Football Features in any Betting Platform

As a beginner in a betting platform, you need to know some important basic features to start staking games. The basics you need to know to start betting are:

  1. 1: In any betting platform, one means the home team should win the match
  2. 2: Means away team should win the match
  3. 1X: Home team should either win or draw the match
  4. X2: Away team should either win or draw the match
  5. X: Meaning that the game should end in a draw, be it 0-0, 1-1 or 2-2
  6. Over 1.5: The two teams must score a total of two goals and above in the match.
  7. Under 1.5: The two teams must score less than two goals in the match; that means they can only score one or zero goal in the match.
  8. Over 2.5: The two teams must score a total of three goals and above in the match.
  9. Under 2.5 The two teams must score less than three goals in the match; that means they can only score two, one or zero goal in the match.
  10. Over 3.5: The two teams must score a total of four goals and above in the match.
  11. Under 3.5 The two teams must score less than four goals in the match; that means they can only score three, two, one or zero goal in the match.
  12. Over 4.5: The two teams must score a total of five goals and above in the match.
  13. Under 4.5 The two teams must score less than five goals in the match; that means they can only score four, three, two, one or zero goal in the match.
  14. GG: Both teams must score a goal or concede a goal in the match
  15. NG: The two teams must not concede a goal in the match.