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Bruce’s time is up; who’s likely to take over at Newcastle United?

By Clacified

As Newcastle witness the biggest takeover in the club's history, Steve Bruce could be heading for the sack following the club's poor start to the campaign.

Steve Bruce, Newcastle United Club's coach.

 There’s new money in the Premier League, which comes in the shape of Newcastle United’s new ownership, making the club one of the richest, if not already the wealthiest in world football.

We have already seen the transformation brought about by huge investments, and it is a given that Newcastle United will soon be not just a new face but a significant threat.

As with Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City and many other big-money takeovers, we expect to see changes in both the management and playing units.

At Newcastle United, with the team starting the season sluggishly, the manager’s job is expected to be the first to see a change.

The news of the takeover at Newcastle was received with great jubilation by the club’s followers, no doubt. It will sink in well with the reviews coming after the international week, which we are in currently.

The above is big enough news to lift the gloom at St. James Park, with the team currently stuck in the bottom three, winless after seven matches in the season.

While they have been underdogs for most of their recent matches, it will not be a surprise to see Newcastle United’s odds get lower and more positive reviews on Wincomparator’s sports betting predictions in the coming weeks.

After the sacking of Xisco Munoz at Watford, the odds were on Newcastle manager Steve Bruce to get the sack next, and news of the takeover doesn’t make it easier for the coach.

He has grown unpopular among the fans, and with the money in, they will call for his sacking, which could be in effect by the time the team plays Tottenham Hotspur.

Here are a few top early favourites to replace Bruce:

1. Antonio Conte

The Italian manager has stayed out of work since leading Inter Milan to the Serie A title last season and remains a top prospect whenever a vacancy in the managerial role is announced.

His disagreement with Inter was majorly due to the club pulling back on what he considered a good investment and depletion of his squad. Inter Milan also mentioned the top hierarchy tampering with the team for his exit at Chelsea earlier.

If the new management at Newcastle can give such guarantees, Conte will be a top prospect, and his earlier success in England will work for him too.

The Saudis are the new owners of Newcastle United footbal Club.

2. Roberto Martinez

Robert Martinez is another top coach who has seen relative success in England, albeit with minimal resources.

A former Wigan and Everton coach, the Spaniard is currently attached to the Belgian national team, where he has done well, though he hasn’t been able to deliver trophies with the talented squad.

The recent setback at the Nations League may make him reconsider his place in the team, but it will be hard for Newcastle United to overlook him even on the job.

3. Zinedine Zidane

French legend Zinedine Zidane is another of the top managers who aren’t in jobs at the moment. Zidane left his position at Real Madrid following the end of last season and has been off the radar since.

He won the Champions League as a player and manager and is said to have a significant influence on players as a manager, making him one of the favourites for a new look at Newcastle United.

4. Steven Gerrard

It is also said the new management at Newcastle United may opt to go for an English face. In that respect, Steven Gerrard’s name would rank high.

The former England international and Liverpool star has established himself as a manager in Scotland, guiding Rangers to the Premiership title.

He commands great respect from his playing days too, and years after retiring from the game, he remains a likeable figure in England.