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Have Arsenal made progress under Arteta?

Emeh Joy
By Emeh Joy

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Have Arsenal made progress under Arteta?

Since their UEFA Champions League final in 2006, Arsenal had been regressing, and the level of regression became exponential since the departure of French tactician in 2018 while they struggle to make the Europa League slot in the league.

Although the appointment of Spanish boss in 2018 to replace Arsene Wenger at the helm of coaching affairs was touted to be the best option with the experience and achievement that comes with the Spanish tactician but leaving behind the Arsenal was an option as the team kept faltering just after one year of progress.

Moreover, with Mikel Arteta in charge of the North London team, Arsenal showed massive progress towards the end of the last campaign while the team won the FA Cup on the pedal of defeating Manchester City and Chelsea in the process. More so, they missed out on the Europa League slot but qualified with their FA Cup triumph against Chelsea.

More so, with a slow start to the season under the leadership of Arteta, the team have been finding its balance again once again, while reaching the semifinal of the Europa League to face Arsenal’s former boss’ Villareal in the process.

The Gunners could well be winning another title under the guidance of Mikael Arteta and might qualify for the next Champions League as the Gunners are touted to win the Europa League according to the online betting odds at 37/13.

However, has the North London club made progress under the guidance of Mikel Arteta?

While they continue to be inconsistent with their result and play, after they were knocked out of the FA Cup, Carabao Cup and their chances of qualifying to European competition is really under threat with which their means of qualification is only on the team winning Europa League, has Arsenal really made some progress under Arteta?

When the Spanish was appointed as the North London Club in what is largely more than a year and four months in charge, many Gunners fans across the globe have seen the Spanish manager as the breath of new air in the arena. While Arteta has been tasked with the huge task of gradually returning Arsenal back to prime where they compete against the best in the world.

More so, with FA Cup and Community shield triumph in his first year, many have raised the bar for the Gunners boss and the torrid start to the season have not helped the young manager to better accomplishment in his full-season in charge of the team but the Arsenal is already on the mend for the future.

Although, the team do not have the financial power of Manchester City and Manchester United, nor do they have the attractive mechanism of the current Liverpool team and Chelsea.

But the current state of the Arsenal in the football transfer marker can only be on par with the fellow North London rival club, Tottenham Hotspurs, but the prestige and history of the Gunners mean that the Fly Emirate stadium club have the edge over their derby rival but what can really be done by the Arteta to raise the standard of the club back to their former glory.

Today, Atletico de Madrid has become a huge club in the Spanish league which is only behind Real Madrid and Barcelona who are backed by their rich and success laden history.

But for a club that once fought relegation fiercely before the appointment of Diego Simeone, Atletico have certainly raised their level and the task of Arteta in Arsenal is similar to the Argentine, but can he deliver such a task? Here is how Arsenal progress under the watch of Mikael Arteta.

A coach tactical nuance can be measure on how well their team fared against some bigger counterpart. While Arteta has faced the big six on nineteen occasions, the Spaniard has won on nine occasions, drew twice and lost on eight.

Although his team has scored these big egos 21 times while they conceded 25goals in the process with 5 clean sheets but the previous 19 games of Arsenal with these big guys have hurt Arsenal on 11 occasions with 5 draws and 3 wins, while they conceded on 44 occasions with 28 goals to show for it and 2 clean sheets in the process.

The difference in the stat of Arsenal against the big guns is a reference to the fact that Arsenal’s Mikael Arteta is doing some right with the team at his disposal.

Furthermore, under his belt, Arsenal has currently accumulated 24 away points in this season in Premier League, but with six games remaining, they are on course to achieve their second-best tally in five years, where they finished runners up to Leicester City in 2015-16 campaign with 35 away points.

More so, Under Arteta, Arsenal as a team have been more patient in their approach while they score fewer than Unai Emery’s Arsenal at 91 to 75 goal scored. Although Unai Emery’s side has the best attacking return for the club, this can be attributed to the club's defensive under Arteta.

The Spanish coach has enjoyed best defensive dividends as coach even more than the legendary Arsenal’s coach, Arsene Wenger.

The Arteta team has conceded fewer chances and faced fewer shots compare to his predecessors, which transcend to a fewer goal conceded, but the goals conceded could have been more shortened had his team has a stable start to the season.

Also, Arsenal had always been found to lack discipline, with Unai Emery’s Arsenal conceding 105 yellow cards, 3 red cards, 12 penalty, 14 errors leading to a goal and losing 19 points from taking the lead.

In this manner, Mikael Arteta is yet to found an everlasting solution as not much change has been made in this regard with which the Arteta’s Arsenal have equally conceded 85 yellow cards, 9 red cards, 5 penalties, 7 errors leading to a goal and 23 points lost from taking the lead.

Although the Arsenal current coach has shown a bold capacity to deal with any player irrespective of their squad power and much like this former boss, Pep Guardiola, Arteta has brought a ruthless streak to Arsenal, and he is not afraid to cut players out if needs be- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being the most recent example.

But the club will be most delighted with Arteta as the likes of Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi, Sead Kolasinac, and Sokratis have been more telling of Arteta’s time at the club, and their departures have enabled the club to free up to an estimated £670k in weekly wages.

It is fashionably an understatement that there has not been a change at the North London Club since the young Spaniard took over the mantle of coaching leadership at Arsenal.

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Upon his arrival at the club, the decision to prioritize defensive stability over an expansive brand of football that Arsenal had become associated with under Arsene Wenger saw Arteta often play with a back five.

And while the benefits of that change were felt defensively, the team undeniably lost some of their attacking prowess.

And a switch of the system at the back end of last year, which has seen the Spaniard add a more advanced midfielder into the equation, has enabled the Gunners to strike a better balance between attack and defence. Hence the improvement in quality and style of play has begun to manifest.

Like his former Arsenal’s coach, Arsene Wenger, Arteta is putting his trust in young lad rather than experience folks in the team, while the fatigue and unavailability of the key players have plagued the progress of the team and the immediate past result of the team give a shear mixed feeling of joy and sorrow with their victory at Slavia Prague and draw at Fulham respectively.

However, if given the time and space needed, Mikael Arteta will return the North London club to their former glory, as seen in their recent progress against big teams and tactical attitude by the team. If the discipline can be instilled, the progress of Arsenal can become so obvious.