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Horse racing competition in the Olympics

By Clacified
A woman riding a horse.

Did you know that horse racing is one of the only two competitions in the Olympics that let women compete equally with men? These Equestrian sports events have become some of the most popular summer Olympic games, and with good reason.

The surging interest in Equestrian games joining the Olympics started in the 19th century, after which the first Equestrian events took place on the 29th of May in Paris in 1900.

Since then, Equestrian has seen the resurgence of three significant events: dressage, eventing, and jumping.

In 2021, the Tokyo Olympics Equestrian Games offered fun and memorable experiences in all three disciplines. Eventing even saw its first-ever female individual champion, while Great Britain finally ended a decade of drought with the team winning gold.

Let’s look at a recap of the Tokyo Equestrian Olympics:

Tokyo Olympic dressage

Dressage is considered the highest expression of horse elegance and training in Equestrian since it was first developed to test and prepare horses for war in ancient Greece.

It requires full cooperation between the horse and its rider during strides, gallops, and changes in direction.

The German team managed to defend its dressage title in the first Tokyo event with that in mind. The United States managed to take silver while Great Britain took the bronze medal.

The best players in the event included Isabell Werth, Jessica Von Bredow-Werndi, and Dorothee Schneider from Germany.

The United States team comprised Sabine Schut-Kery, Steffen Peters, the oldest medalist at 56 years, and Adrienne Lyle.

Jessica Von Bredow-Werndi won gold, Isabell Werth won silver, and Charlotte Dujardin, from Rio, won bronze in the individual dressage event.

Rave Horse Suppenkasper, ridden by Steffen Peters, happened to take the crowd by storm with his freestyle routine. He is a 13-year-old KWPN.

The Tokyo Paralympic Games is set to hold on the 24th of August.

Tokyo Olympic eventing

The horse riders compete across three different games in eventing: cross country, dressage, and show jumping. As a result, this three-day event calls for experience since it demands all aspects of horsemanship.

In the Tokyo Olympics, while horse Ballaghmor Class and his rider Oliver Townend put up a fight in the first two legs of the evening competition, Julia Krajewski from Germany managed to bag the gold medal after the jumping phase aboard Amande De B’Neville.

This made Julia the first woman to win an individual gold medal in eventing. Tom McEwen, from Great Britain, took the individual eventing silver medal, and Andrew Hoy from Australia took the bronze medal.

Great Britain took the gold medal, Australia the silver medal, and France the bronze medal in team eventing. This was the first win for Great Britain since 1972, scored by Tom McEwen, Oliver Townend, and Laura Collet, who had only eight faults in jumping.

Oliver Townend also got a clear cross country rise and one of the lowest dressage scores.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 was all fun with a lot of surprising horse racing challenges from females

Tokyo Olympic jumping

This is an individual event that is also the last phase of the Equestrian events. Here, all the riders participate in jumping through five rounds.

But the team event takes a maximum of four riders. But for the Tokyo Olympics, only three riders competed in the jumping rounds.

19 teams joined the competition the first day, but only ten made it to the final day. Sweden managed to take the gold medal in the team jumping competition.

They were followed by the United States, who took silver, and Belgium came in third with bronze.

The United States lost to Sweden by a difference of 1.3 seconds. However, Ben Maher from Great Britain took the lead in the individual jumping competition.

Peder Fredricson from Sweden followed with silver, and the bronze medal went to Maikel van der Vleuten from the Netherlands.


These might be the highlights of the Equestrian Tokyo Olympics in 2021, but more was experienced in the games.

For instance, several horses killed the dreams of many riders during the Olympic modern pentathlon when they refused to jump fences or bucked off the riders.

Additionally, one German modern pentathlon coach was kicked out of the Olympics after punching a horse, violating the UIPM competition rules. All in all, the excitement of horse racing at the Olympics is contagious.

And now that the Tokyo Olympic Games are over, fans cannot wait for the Tokyo Paralympic Games on the 24th of August.

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