Top 10 players with most goals scored for a single club

By Clacified
Top 10 players with most goals scored for a single club

While some take Akins in finding the back of the net, some, on the other hand, don’t fancy but find themselves doing – but there have been some great players that define an era in the manner they constantly put the ball at the back of the net.

 Beyond goals, modern football is the epitome of content movement for the player – as they continually find new hopes and changes for themselves in search of glory, fame and achievement to advance their legacy after they have long retired from the game, but the tremendous thongs they left behind are the goal record for a particular while they use that as the basis of their mark in the club.

 Even, Barcelona despite their woeful performances in recent years will be heading to La Liga season as the favorite to win the league because they have just one player, Lionel Messi, who is just brilliant in doing almost every attacking thing on the field and beyond and his game on the field is the best betting strategy that the Spanish giant has to alleviate their financial issue and debts due to his prolific goal-scoring prowess and artistic style of play. However, below are the ten players with the most goals scored for one club.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (450 goals in 438 App; Real Madrid)

Cristiano Ronaldo

He would have certainly been at the upper cadre of the list should he stay in one club. The Portuguese captain is a proven goalscorer and has achieved so many feats with him doing so.

Although he moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United in the summer of 2009 -2010 season, where he manages to score more goals than any other team’s he had represented as Cristiano Ronaldo scores 450 goals in 438 appearances for the Los Blancos throughout his 9 years stay at the Spanish capital club from 2009-10 season till 2017-18 campaign.

2. Eusebio da Silva (473 goals in 450 App; Benfica)

Eusebio da Silva

Another Portuguese legend on the list – it seems the Portuguese are meant for the scoring of the goals. He is the first player to win the inaugural Golden shoe award as the continent leading goal poacher in 1968. The Portuguese great left his mark in European football while he spent 15 seasons with Estadio Da Luz’s team between 1960 through 1975 campaigns.

Though his 473 goals for Benfica were enough for the Portugal side to be crowned champion of Europe, defeating Real Madrid and vital for their local domination while they went ahead to win the league on 11 occasions with him at the frontline of their battles. Eusebio will always be the Portuguese legend!

3. Uwe Seeler (507 goals in 587 App; Hamburg)

Uwe Seeler

One club man as many believed him to be, but German was always a thorn in the ass of many defenders in his prime and could be credited for many changes in tactical approach and formation change due to his threat and movement on the ball.

The Hamburger by nature spent his 18 prolific career years at his hometown club Hamburg from the 1953-1954 season till the 1971-1972 seasons the whole scoring many goals in the process. Moreover, his early career predates the formation of the Bundesliga  - but he is still among the top 20 greatest goal poachers in Bundesliga history with 139 goals in 239 games.

4. Jimmy Jones (527 goals in 419 App; Glenavon)

Jimmy Jones

A record holder of 74 goals on all competition for the Irish side in the 1956-1957 campaign – the only visible goals scoring feat that the Argentine, Lionel Messi couldn’t break despite coming close with one goal short of the record I 2011-12 season with Barcelona.

Although not so many people remember the great Jimmy Jones but his numbers for Glenavon in 11 years is enough to put him among the top ten players that scored the most for a single club – he’s sitting comfortably at 7th position on the log with 527 goals in 419 games for the Irish team during the Lurgan Blues’ championship. 

5. Jimmy McGrory (522 goals in 501 App; Celtics)

Jimmy McGrory

A pre-World War 2 achievement for the scotch who peaked at with the run of 143 goals in 152 appearances for the Scottish side in the space of five seasons. The scot was an enigma of Ariel ball which he was best known for.

Though he stays with the Scottish giant club for an impressive fifteen years despite a host of suitors clamoring for his service in that day with Arsenal making a world record transfer fee then but McGrory still opts to stay with Celtic until he retires in 1937 before he came back to manage the club for 20 years after World War 2 - but he still manages to score so many goals for the Scottish side during his active playing career.

6. Josef Bican (534 goals in 274 App; Slavia Prague)

Josef Bican

He is touted to be the second most prolific goal scorer behind the Great Pele with his recorded 948 goals – but FIFA only recognizes 805 goals in a much fancy 1.95 goals per game is enough for Czechoslovakia-Austrian goal poacher to not just among the prolific goal scorers but among the greatest ever the game has seen.

However, the Austrian is the leading all-time goal scorer for Slavia Prague despite spending just the right seasons with the club at an average record goal-scoring feat of 1.95 goals for Prague’s team. However, “pepi” is not just a go scorer for the Austrian side but a legend.

7. Fernando Peyroteo (544 goals in 334 App; Sporting Lisbon)

Fernando Peyroteo

Finding the back of the net 40 times for the Portuguese side on more than one occasion is a truly remarkable feat for the Portuguese who spent his entire career at Sporting Lisbon from 1937 to 1949.

One of the most remarkable things about Fernando Peyroteo is the fact that every single season he represented Sporting Lisbon resulted in him producing more goals than his appearance – no he is named “un Maquina de hacer goles” which is translated as goal machine.  

With an impressive 1.62 goals per game, the Portuguese were an enigmatic goal poacher and his consistency in doing so is pure magic and with his number – it’s no wonder why he managed to be among the top five of the one club prolific goal poacher.

8. Gerd Muller (564 goals in 605 App; Bayern Munich)

Gerd Muller

Impressive 735 goals for both club and country, for a player that the nostalgic critics had downplayed to look more like a weight lifter than a footballer.  

Here Muller spent 14 seasons as a Bayern Munich attacker where Gerd Muller was known for his prolific goal poaching ability as he set the record for the most goal scored in a calendar year with 85 goals in 1972 and a record of highest goal scorer in a single Bundesliga season until Lionel Messi broke the earlier one in 2012 and Robert Lewandowski in 2021 for the latter record.

 Moreover, Muller averages a goal per game in his 14 years stay with the Bavarian club while winning series of goal-scoring awards and trophies for the team in the process.  

9. Pele – Edson Arante de Nascimento (643 goals in 659 App; Santos)

Pele Edson Arante de Nascimento

Pele is beyond just a player – an iconic figure in the history of the game, a winner, an artist and a machine that wow many and made millions of people fall in love with the beautiful game of football. At 15 years of age, Pele has begun to make the headline for his prowess and goal scoring attributes.

By 16-year-old, he was spreading, topping the chart on Brazil while his goal-scoring proficiency brought about defining era in Brazil and Santos as they both a winning team while Brazil went on to win the gold medal with him on three occasions and Santo with so many silverware in the trophy cabinet.

 Pele scores an outrageous 643 goal in 659 games for the Alvinegro within 19 years from 1956 till 1975, where he became the national asset until he decided to play for the New York Cosmos before he retired finally from the game in 1977. Pele, regarded by FIFA as the greatest ever footballer, is an artist of the game.

10. Lionel Messi (672 goals in 778 App; Barcelona)

Lionel Messi

Is there any record left for the amazing Argentina international to break? – well, he is still 34 years and might have been more active than earlier anticipated as he just agreed to a new five years deal with Barcelona for him to play at the top level for many more years to come.

Thus, the Barcelona legend has the time and space to break even more records before he retires except the Jimmy Jones record of 74 goals in a singles season which looks more like to stand for many years to come. 

The Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is the leading goal scorer for a single club with an outrageous 672 goals at the end of the 2020-21 season, which he might add many more with his new contract assured.

The attacker is the goal scorer with the highest goal in a single league season with 50 goals and the most in a calendar year with 94 goals, the La Liga all-time highest goal scorer with over 450 goals and many more to his name.

Surpassing Lionel Messi on this list will take a greater effort from any player – with the fact that player readily from one club to another easily in the modern era, it is really difficult seeing the record of Lionel Messi broken any time soon or maybe in 100 years to come because by the time Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona he’ll be closer to 750 goals for a single club with his for and firepower.