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Two players who might remain at Newcastle after overhaul

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

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Premier League club Newcastle United is set to overhaul its team after a takeover by a Saudi Arabian consortium

Many players will be leaving Newcastle following the  overtake of the club by new owners

Following the takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi Arabian consortium consisting of PCP Capital Partners, Reuben Brothers and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), the club is rumoured to be planning for an overhaul.

The plan for a takeover from former owner Mike Ashley which started in April 2020, was completed in October 2021, with all parties agreeing to a term worth £300m for transfer of ownership.

With the club taken over by one of the wealthiest groups in the world, it has made Newcastle United the richest club in the Premier League and the world.

The club is already planning for a greater level, which has left Newcastle United fans boozing over a brighter future. One of the club owners, Amanda Staveley, has already met with the club's head coach, Steve Bruce, who might be leaving the club any time soon.

Steve Bruce has enjoyed many seasons at Newcastle, but it seems like time to say goodbye

According to Skyports, Bruce, who is edging towards an exit alongside many players, has admitted that he might be leaving the club even though he is happy for the club's new progress.

"I'm happy for the club that this has gone through. It's a great night for the fans; I'm delighted for them," Bruce said. "I want to continue, but I have to be realistic. I'm not stupid and aware of what could happen with new owners."

The return of glory days at Newcastle United might be close to happening.

Newcastle United set for glory days return.

Newcastle is one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League; the club has enjoyed many glory days within the 1900s for over a decade, winning many trophies, including the Premier League, FA Cup and FA Community Shield.

Back in the 1900s, their fans have enjoyed many glory days; the club has produced some of the greatest players in the Premier League history.

In the time of Alan Shearer, the club's legend, their fans enjoyed many great goals from the striker, who still retain the highest goalscorer in Premier League history with 206 goals in 405 appearances.

Old Newcastle United players celebrating their trophy

After several relegations to the lower division, Newcastle declined from the top flight. They only made the third position of the Premier League table once since 1927. The club has tried its best to return to the top, but it has never worked out.

With the recent transfer of ownership to the Saudi Arabian group led by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, the club now has the opportunity to return to its glory days, being the richest club in the Premier League and the world.

Newcastle is rumoured to be already looking for one of the top European coaches and buying many experienced players to restore The Magpies.

It seems like the glories days is coming back as the owners have all it takes to get any calibre of player they want.

Newcastle players who might survive the overhaul plan

With the plan of overhauling Newcastle, it will be disastrous to many players as they would be left without a club while some might benefit from the whole thing.

No doubt Newcastle will be looking for quality players, but few talented players might continue with the club; Allan Saint-Maximin and Miguel Almirón might be lucky enough to continue their careers under the new administration.

Since their arrival, these two players have been outstanding for Newcastle and have contributed solely to the club's progress. They might have the favour of playing with incoming players that will be arriving.

Newcastle might still count on them as part of their plan to return to a high level in the Premier League and maybe the European tournament.

Time for Allan Saint-Maximin to reach his full potential

Newcastle United's winger Allan Saint-Maximin is one of the most talented footballers in the Premier League, with good dribbling skills and scoring ability.

Since joining the club from Nice in 2019, he has been an outstanding player helping the club win many matches. Saint-Maximin has improved very well in the current season and has already scored two goals and provided three assists in eight appearances for The Magpies this season.

With Newcastle planning for an overhaul to bring in quality players, it might be helpful for Saint-Maximin. The 24-year-old player still has some things in the box, and playing with more quality players will help him reach his full potential.

Saint-Maximin is a great player with strong physicality who can create chances for fellow players. Holding onto the winger will be an advantage for Newcastle to get many goals from incoming quality players.

Allan Saint-Maximin has produced a good performance against every Premier League top clubs

Miguel Almirón, a player Newcastle United, cannot avoid

No one will deny that Miguel Almirón is one of the best creative midfielders in the Premier League; with his incredible speed, many have referred to him as another version of Ángel Di María for his ball driving into the box.

His dedication to playing for Newcastle is one of the things the club cannot forget in a hurry. At 27, he is in his prime in football, and no one would want to lose such an experienced player to another club.

Newcastle might consider leaving Almirón at the club as an additional quality in building their new project.

Miguel Almirón enjoying Newcastle win with his manager Steve Bruce

What does the future hold for Newcastle United players

With the takeover of Newcastle and the plan to overhaul its squad, it will be a disaster to many players while it might also favour some players. Some young players might benefit from the overhaul, while most old players will see it as an end.

Joe Willock and Sean Longstaff are among the young players that might stay at the club for further development; these two players, 22 and 24, are young and would get the chance to continue their career at Newcastle and enjoy the club's new project.

Other older players at Newcastle might be shown the exit door to make way for new quality players. Some of these players might be lucky to continue in the Premier League, and some might not.

The last time Premier League experienced an overhaul was at Manchester when Manchester City was taken over by Abu Dhabi United Group, majorly owned by Sheikh Mansour.

It was a disaster to many players as they missed the chance of continuing their Premier League career while some were lucky to play for one of the Premier League clubs.

Premier League is expected to experience another overhaul, and it will increase the number of top clubs in the League and make it more competitive.