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Barcelona's President, Bartomeu resigns after six years of leadership

Josep Maria Bartomeu has resigned as Barcelona's president
Ernest Sunday

FC Barcelona's president, Josep Maria Bartomeu has officially announced his resignation and that of his board of directors from the club six years they took over the leadership.

Bartomeu's resignation comes after lots of disagreement with him and the club which has raised many questions in the past, causing fans to protest in front of Nou Camp for him to resign.

According to Bartomeu, the decision for his resignation was made after a series of meetings with his board of directors.

The former president accused the Catalonia government of disrespecting him and his board of directors after they were asked for a vote of withdrawal from their post as directors.

“I appear to announce my resignation and that of my board of directors.”

“It is a thoughtful, calm decision and I have taken in consultation with my colleagues, "Bartomeu said.

“The Government of Catalonia asked us for the vote to be decentralised and haven’t said anything else. They didn’t respond to our request for 15 days to prepare for the 21 venues, nor did they say anything about the date of the referendum.”

Josep Maria Bartomeu had lots of disagreement with Barcelona including the club's superstar Lionel Messi which has caused many protests at Nou Camp

“There are contradictory and irresponsible decisions from the Government.”

“After the elimination in the Champions League, it would have been easy to resign. We couldn’t leave the club in the hands of a manager.”

“We have been disrespected. They have insulted and threatened me, my family and the other board members.”

Bartomeu went on to express his happiness of having led Barcelona for over six years and revealed what people should expect at the club in his absence.

“It has been an honour to serve my club. Today we resign without having completed economic measures in progress; I hope that in the next few days the salary adjustment can be closed. If it is not done, there will be serious consequences for the future of the club.”

He further announced Barcelona's acceptance to join the new European Super League that different clubs in Europe have been planning on participating soon.

“I can announce extraordinary news. Yesterday we accepted the requirement to participate in a future European Super League that will guarantee the economic sustainability of the club. Today we have accepted the new format of the Club World Cup.”

Bartomeu admitted to his mistake of not rebuilding the club earlier before things went out of hand and caused the club a lot including the 8-2 defeat against Germany champions Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

“I recognise that rebuilding the team should have been done a year ago.”

“I hope that time will highlight the assets of the last 10 years, such as the 22 titles won by the football team.”

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