Night club company reveals why they kicked Erling Halaand out

Ernest Sunday

A night club company in Norway has revealed the reason for kicking Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Harland out of the club, saying he was too famous.

After German Bundesliga ended its season last month, the 19-year-old Norway international decided to trace back his hometown to enjoy his break with his family and friends. Harland was spotted playing with his friends in the day before the night a video of him being thrown off a nightclub emerged.

On seeing the video, Erling's father, Alfie Haaland, who is a former Manchester City Midfielder, was quick to order his son to come back home and start working on himself.

Many football fans have criticized the striker's attitude going to a nightclub, which earned him such embarrassment. But nightclub's security company confirmed to Bild that Harland was ordered to leave the club because he was very popular, too many people wanted to take a selfie with him, and that made them start violating social distancing rules.

"The pressure was too high in the end, so we asked him to leave," the company was quoted as saying.

Harland enjoyed this season with both his former club FC Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, scoring 16 goals and six assists in 14 appearances in Topic Bundesliga (Austria). Also, he recorded 13 goals and three assists in 15 appearances in German Bundesliga and ten goals with one assist in 8 UEFA Champions League appearances.

Erling Haaland would think of going back home to work on himself as his father had advised him.

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