Real Madrid one win away from winning La Liga title

Real Madrid players celebrating Mendy's goal against Granada
Ernest Sunday

Spanish giants Real Madrid is one win away from winning the 2020 La Liga title after beating Granada 1-2 at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes on Monday night.

The visitors recorded their first goal at the early minutes of the game after Madrid's right back Ferland Mendy put in an individual effort striking a powerful shot past Granada goalkeeper Rui Silva 10 minutes after the kick-off. The goal marked his first in Madrid jersey since his arrival from Lyon.

After 6 minutes of the game, Madrid doubled the lead after their highest goal scorer (19 goals and 8 assists in 35 appearances) Karim Benzema curled a fine strike from a counter-attack into the net of the home side Granada. The game ended 2-0 in the first half.

In the second half, Granada pulled one back throughDarwin Machís' goal in the early minutes (50minutes) of the second half. Madrid held the game in a 1-2 scoreline till the final whistle.

The win was crucial for the visitors as they maintained their four points gap over their rival Barcelona, who sits in the second position of La Liga table with two games remaining in the competition.

"It's true that we're one step closer, but we have to keep going, there are still more points to play for, and we're going to try and win every game left as that was always our objective," said Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

"I really hope we can celebrate winning this league title, our results speak for themselves."

Ramos pointed out their mistakes during the game, saying the team should have never let that happen. The captain was furious as Granada's goal was their first to concede in their last six matches. Staying in one goal difference handed the visitor a lot of work to do on the pitch till the final whistle.

"Without realizing it, we made the mistake of letting our guard down after getting a scoreline, which we would have been very happy with," the captain added.

"But it wasn't good enough, and today you can't beat anyone unless you are fully focused for 90 minutes. We won the first half and lost the second, and although we got the victory, we did things we should never do, like conceding a cheap goal."

Madrid manager Zidane celebrated passionately after the final whistle as he reminded his player about the work to do before winning the title and how well they have played.

"I let out a shout because I was happy and because in football you have to suffer," said the Zidane.

"I shouted out loud because the three points were very important, and I wanted to tell my players that they had played a superb game. To win this league, you have to suffer a little bit, and we dug in as a team. You have to be proud of this team."

Winning the La Liga title will make it second La Liga title for Zidane as Madrid's coach in four years, and the French man has all the right to celebrate about it.

Madrid will be playing against Villareal on Thursday, and a win for the game seals the title for the white angels as they have gained 83 points in 36 games while Barcelona has 79 points in 36 games with two matches remaining.

"Winning the league would mean a lot to us, it would be the reward for the consistency we have shown and for how hard we have worked throughout the year," added Ramos.

"The lockdown served us well and proved to be a turning point as we worked on preparing to return to action and set ourselves the objective of winning the title," Ramos added as they were two points behind Barcelona when the league was suspended due to coronavirus.

"Now we are in the title fight, and I hope that on Thursday we can celebrate it properly.

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